Florida DCF Caseworker Susan Cunningham Another Sucess Story

Central Florida DCF worker arrested on cocaine charges

February 28, 2011

This story broke on the news last night and I had to write the name down and double check this morning to make sure it was really true. It was. This woman was responsible for making sure children were not abused in Foster Care. REALLY? A Drug Addict? No wonder we are losing children to murder in Foster Care- it is past time to change this system

And she was responsible for children in foster care – Really?

Posted: 6:37 AM
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ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – A central Florida woman employed as an investigator for the Department  of Children and Families was arrested over the weekend after she was caught with 15 grams of cocaine in her possession, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office.

Susan Cunningham, 39, was seen buying drugs at a motel known for drug activity, deputies said.

She was subsequently pulled over and at first, she denied having any drugs. A K-9 unit was brought in and the drugs were found, according to wftv.com.

She was arrested and bonded out of jail on Sunday.

Cunningham’s primary role at DCF is visiting homes to make sure children aren’t being abused or neglected. She has been with DCF since 2005.

Her current investigations will be turned over to other agency workers.

In a statement to WFTV, DCF Director John Cooper said Cunningham’s termination papers are already being drawn up.


This may sound like a crazy case of fiction, but I am afraid that this is happening to families all over the United States.
This occurred in ORANGE COUNTY,Florida  but if you look at other city’s such as Miami, Florida or Nashville,Tennessee or even your home town you will find horror stories everywhere and not just one or two but hundreds. It is time to stand up to our state governments and tell them our children are not a commodity, parents have rights, and we as Americans have Constitutional Rights. Ignorance is no excuse.


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