Family services corruption?


Thousands of families have been separated and traumatized by an agency whose original intent was designed to protect family integrity.

Today, the Department of Social Services, or otherwise known as DCF, CPS, Etc. has so much power over private family life, that even the Court systems are having trouble controlling their actions.

How much power is too much?

Follow the money.  Social services are collecting millions of tax payer dollars to care for children in Foster care, then additional cash bonuses when a child is adopted out of foster care.  Yet there are barely any funds available to correct family problems, and keep families together.  Social services have become drunk on funding, and will use any excuse to steal children from loving parents.

Instead of just removing children who are in real need of protection from abusive households, these agencies are removing children from families if there is a “potential” for harm.  Real life dictates that potential could be anything!


Our homes are not clean enough; legal firearms are dangerous; not enough food in the fridge; not enough safety locks; we own a pool; we smoke cigarettes; use kitchen knives; have built up dirty clothes; not enough toys; we are single parents; we have prior mental health issues; use prescription drugs; drink alcohol; and the list goes on and on.

It has become a War on Parents!

The Unites States Supreme Court, district Courts and appellate courts have been very clear on the matter.  Unless there is overwhelming proof that parents are unfit, then the state cannot take children away from their parents!

But social services do not care about the law, families or children.  Their interest is making money, even if that means destroying families.

They have been getting away with it for so long they have arrogantly become child traffickers, hell bent on removing children, ruining family reputations, falsifying documents, committing fraud on the court, lying, cheating, and begging for more kids.


It is time to STOP them.  Please read and sign the petition below:


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  • Alain Daigle

    Canada has the same problem ,I think that corporation and bankers own our child and can make income , created jobs on our misery …Its time to overturn those government .I have sign a slavery act , and wont be slave to no one

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