End Florida Corruption

  • Target: Honorable Governor Rick Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi and David E. Wilkins Secretary of Florida Department of Children and Families
  • Sponsored by:Randy Kluge



TO: Honorable Governor Rick Scott, Attorney General Pam Bondi, and David E. Wilkins        Secretary of Florida Department of Children and Families.

We the undersigned residents and citizens of the State of Florida, respectfully request that your offices conduct an immediate investigation into the unlawful practices of child protective investigators, law enforcement; the Dept. of Children and Families, and the Guardian ad Litem program statewide.

Thousands of families have been separated and traumatized due to the willful actions of government entities whose original intent was designed to protect family integrity. Today these officials have culminated so much power and control over private and constitutionally protected family life, that even the Court systems are having trouble controlling their actions.



At will, State and county authorities are routinely violating provisions contained in Chapter 39 Rules of Juvenile Procedure, Florida Rules of Civil Procedure, Florida Bench Book, Law Enforcement Officer Ethical Standards and Conduct, the Florida State Constitution, and the United States Constitution, arrogantly operating with a heavy hand and an evil eye all because a dollar sign is placed on the head of each child residing in the State of Florida.

The goal of many officials is not the welfare of children but rather a funding stream of state and federal dollars allocated to provide services to children caught up in the foster care system.  This foster care system has proven to fail the citizens of Florida time and time again.  It is well documented that children have been lost, abused, neglected, injured and sometimes killed under the care of the Dept. of Children and Families.


Instead of just removing children who are in real need of protection from abusive households, many officials are illegally removing children from families based upon a “potential” for harm.  Real life dictates that potential could be anything.

The United States Supreme Court, district courts and state appellate courts have been very clear on the matter.  Unless there is overwhelming proof that a parent is unfit, then the state cannot take children away from them.

Evidence is mounting to show that without fear of reprisal, state employees involved in the “legal kidnapping” of children have committed perjury, fraud on the court, false allegations,  RICO violations, obstruction of justice, “ex parte” hearings, deprivation of due process, illegal searches and seizure, falsifying documents, removal of documents from court files, harassment of potential witnesses, “missing” court orders, failure to properly serve legal papers, illegally drugging of children, implementing the color of law, and rubber stamping of court orders.


It is a well known fact that once children are “in the system” they are followed and targeted throughout their lives to be removed and returned into foster care so that government officials can collect large payments of tax payer funds for services and later cash bonuses under the 1996 Welfare Reform Act when parental rights are terminated and foster care children are adopted.  This occurs regardless of whether a willing parent or relative is fit and able to care for children.

Our children are not safe from government overreach and willful deceit.  We are concerned for their protection, their reputation and their health under the realm of being “in the system”.

We are convinced that the State of Florida has utterly failed to provide honest services, and we therefore respectfully request that your office open up an immediate investigation into these claims, and further, work to expunge those family names found to be victims of injustice at the hands of a faulty government, so that all families and children are safe from undue malicious prosecution, sanctioned child trafficking, and dishonest services.

cc:  media outlets, public officials, blogs, investigators, journalists, government watch-dog groups, churches, legal experts, any and all interested parties





3 comments to End Florida Corruption

  • Actof Courage

    WLYB…..My next letter to the editor, feel free to copy paste, share send to your local paper
    Florida Governor Ric Scott…Follow the Money
    In a moment not only was the alimony bill bill (SB 718) veto but the destruction of shared parental rights swept away as well. This bill would retroactively change the course of alimony, as it should but more importantly it would of put parents on a 50/50 shared parenting with their children. Now it destroys any chance of parents receiving 50/50 custody prior to 2008 divorce. Who suffers……..our children. Who benefits, the Florida Bar. The Florida Bar lobbied against the bill. Scott said he blocked the bill because they would have been disruptive for families. No, Scott the DESTRUCTION of families is closer to the truth. Scott needs to be removed from office and the Florida Bar dissolved. The Florida Bar is the third largest such bar association in the United States. When 3000 attorneys rule the lives of millions of children there is no justice within the Judicial system. When money comes before our children we are on a path to destruction in family values.
    As always………FOLLOW THE MONEY
    Glen Gibellina

  • Actof Courage

    Our Family Courts are unrecognizable. A bill that would have guaranteed our US and Florida Constitutional rights has failed. Sharia Law now in Florida Family Courts. Our legislators are misguided by Sharia law. Any Judge that follows this practice should step down from the bench. Corruption continues in Florida’s Family Courts. A controversial bill that critics say is rooted in anti-Sharia legislation and proponents say ensures U.S. and Florida rights are guaranteed in court has definitely been killed this session. It’s the third year the bill failed — it called for American law to trump foreign law that isn’t constitutional in family courts in Florida.

  • Actof Courage

    WLYB….February 2013 a group of proud parents went to Washington DC to tell our story.
    Mine is just one of thousands of tragedies in our Judicial system
    Testimony of Glen Gibellina

    Lawless America…The Movie is all about exposing the fact that we now live in Lawless America. We no longer have laws that are enforced because judges do whatever they want to do. America has also become lawless because government officials are dishonest and/or corrupt.

    The movie will expose corruption in every state. The Movie will focus on victims. Corrupt judges and corrupt government officials will be exposed, and we will confront a number of the crooks.

    If anyone has ever questioned the story of a person who has expressed the view that they were a victim of the government or of judges, this movie will prove that the odds are that the corruption report was true. In fact, there are probably tens of millions of victims in the United States who never realized what happened to them.

    One feature length documentary movie is being produced. It will be shown in theaters, on Netflix, Blockbuster, and other such video places, and the movie will be presented at the Sundance Film Festival and other film festivals.


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