Dishonest DCF Employees Ripping Sisters Apart.

To whom this may concern.

My name is Katrina,

I am writing this letter to express how I feel about everything going on since no one will listen to me on the phone.

I am Dulce and Lesie’s older sister.
I only held Leslie for a few minutes at the DCF office, and it broke my heart leaving her.
Beautiful little angle, perfect in everyway, I cried the rest of the day knowing she was not going home with us.

I have known Dulce since she was a baby. I have grown to love her more and more everyday.
If you ask anyone they will tell you I go on and on for hours about her.
I love her so much and she means the entire world to me.
She is my little sister, my best friend.
I always told my friends “I’d be lost without her” and I am.
She brought so much joy to my life and always had a smile on her face.
At times she would get on my nerves but then she would smile and say “I love you Ti-ti” and I’d remember how blessed I was to have her as my sister.

 The day you took her from my life was the worst day of my life.
It took all the strength I had in me to make it through the night.
I cried and cried that week, and still do till this day.
Losing someone so close to you hurts so much, but it hurts worst knowing she is out in this big world without  her big sissy by her side.
It breaks my heart more then anything in this world seeing my father and mother cry.
All my life I have only seen them cry a few times.
I have seen them cry more since you came into our house and took her then I ever have in all my life.
To all the DCF workers.
You know the truth, and you know if it was your child taken away for no reason you would want someone to speak the truth so you could hold your child in your arms every night, and tell them you love them.
So stand up for what’s right and speak the truth, for families, for children and to help end all the heart break ripping families apart causes.

We would not change Katrina’s heart for the world, We know that with great love comes great rewards; she loves and is loved in return. If she did not love so deeply we know that she would not hurt as deeply. Would we wish her no pain? Of course we would. We would love to wrap a blanket of protection around our child.
We have to watch our child ache for these children whom she loves; this was not a price we had thought to pay. But pay we will for when you have a heart as Katrina does, one that is open and loving, one that embraces all of the love offered to her and returns it honestly and openly there is a potential for great pain, but this pain was not necessary, it was caused by your irresponsible acts in removing these children from our home and their family, all of it, parents, sisters, cousins, aunts and uncles. You have hurt so many with so little thought.
You do not see the pain, you insulate yourself and go about your life. But you are the ones responsible for this child’s pain as well as Leslie’s in never knowing her family and heritage, and Dulce who was ripped away. Studies show from the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform that the trauma is paramount to kidnapping.

We also taught our children that if you ever have the chance to put yourself out, to open your heart to someone, never let the risk of pain stand in their way. We wonder now if we were wrong as we watch our daughters ache and wonder about the pain to Dulce and Leslie.



Robin K Jensen owns a business: Dive Adventures LLC which has a location at 8803 Cortez Rd. W, Bradenton, FL 34210,

I honestly can not figure out when someone is as blessed as Robin K Jensen  why in the world would she work so hard to destroy families, I know she seemed to take great pleasure in ripping mine apart.


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  • Karl

    Katrina and Dulce I am so sorry Robin Jensen and dishonest DCF workers tore your family apart,we know the truth will be made know.

    It is time to remove dishonest wokers from DCF.

  • Carl M.

    I can hardly believe the gross insensitivity of the DCF in this case. The lack of good answers to obvious questions to the DCF leads me to believe there ulterior motives for this action. My prayers are with you guys and we will not be quiet anymore! Carl

  • Chris

    This is so scarry that the government lets this go on?

  • Gloria

    GOD and YOUR LOVE will Bring YOU all together again……Stay strong and keep fighting for Your Baby……YOU Family Deserves JUSTICE!


  • YOU are right..we have no chance, i had no chance because there was corruption in the system…those people need to be removed. ( with prayer)I was successful in the removal of the investigator in my case Jullie Morrison (DFC investiator) and her supervisor ( Lisa Lysden)and the social worker of Family First ( Samantha Collazo ) and her super ( visor was reassigned too ( Laura Leonard)… however, these people will back each other up and cover up for each other, i saw it happen and called them out and it did no good, in fact it further alienated me and pushed me further away from getting my child back. What was best for the child was never really considered…it became personal and an abuse of power……-Sally

  • Now they are doing it to me and my family. They took our kids on an emergency basis, 16 days after the first visit, because of domestic violence and drug abuse. Neither of us are doing the wrong nor have been arrested or accused of prior to and are still together. They lie and take words out context to form their lies that become our burden to prove them wrong. We need help to stop these legal criminals before it goes to court and they make up another reason why we aren’t fit parents. Everything we have read has happen like its a sick protocol of stealing kids.
    Pat and Jessica 941-929-8183

  • Lawless America Florida

    Tell us your story, we are now filming in Sarasota. Call the hot line 862-CORRUPT
    ssues with the Connecticut Department of Children and Families is on the rise, they continue to target families that they consider to be “toxic” and by that I mean families that are less fortunate, by attacking families such as this is unfair because love is not based off of money. The love and care that parents provide for their child/children should not be discriminated against. They do so because these families tend to be unable to get a private attorney so they are left with a court appointed attorney. I am not saying that all court appointed attorneys are bad, they are just simply overloaded and have limited time to spend on ones case.Stop and thing before you call the DCF hotline, as that call may ruin a family. The DCF hotline is dangerous and far to many people use it as a weapon or threat. As the DCF hotline should only be used for SERIOUS issues, as there are SOME people who are abusing their children. If people would stop using DCF and their hotline to cause harm to others, ask yourself would you want it to happen to you?

  • Dulce Watson

    My name is also Dulce, so this article caught my attention since it is such an unusual name. I would like to know how everything turned out for Katrina and Dulce.

    I am retired and have no money but maybe there is a way I can help? Let me know via email. Thank you.

    Dulce W.

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