Detective Kim Northfield Sarasota Florida Sheriffs Department


Detective Kim Northfield

Detective Kim Northfield of Sarasota sheriffs Department is  good friends with Robin Jensen. They work together through DCF. Just as I found the photos of  Brena Slater with Robin K Jensen after she said, ” I never do anything with Robin Jensen.
When I was exposing Robin Jensen and others on my blog, Robin Jensen called upon her friend Detective Kim Northfield to have me arrested, violating my 1st amendment rights. I guess the that the truth was too much for her to handle. It is more conveniant to do your daterdly deeds in the dark.
Just the fact that she contacted her friend to pursue this instead of just going to the sheriff’s office shows how she opperates.  How  convenient,  crooks working with crooks?

  Did they both forget about the oaths they took to uphold the law, did they forget about conflict of interest, did they  forget  about morals, values and justice as easily as they have forgotten the constitution?

  I wish someone would remind them and hold them accountable for their loss of their humanity


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  • God Thank you that after days have gone by that we can thank those we have a part in our life even when it comes to saving us from death. You have shown this with me to Rachael’s cosiun who is 4 months older than Rachael, and leaving to go to New York to work in February that it is never to late to thank those who had a big part in their life. Thank You for putting this in our hearts to be thankful for them later for thier part in helping us parents with our daughters. AMEN!!

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