Detective Kim Northfield of Sarasota Sheriffs Department

Detective Kim Northfield


Do you remember taking this oath Detective Kim Northfield of Sarasota Sheriffs Department? You have been made aware of numerous violations within Department Children And Families. The simple fact that they do not need a search warrant to enter your home is a clear violation of the US and State of Florida constitution. By allowing this to continue day after day you are an accomplice and you are aiding and abetting.

I am calling upon you to follow your oath or stand down.

Chapter 876
 876.05 All persons who now or hereafter are Public employees; oath.—(1)  employed by or who now or hereafter are on the payroll of the state, or any of its departments and agencies, subdivisions, counties, cities, school boards and districts of the free public school system of the state or counties, or institutions of higher learning, except candidates for federal office, are required to take an oath before any person duly authorized to take acknowledgments of instruments for public record in the state in the following form:
I,  , a citizen of the State of Florida and of the United States of America, and being employed by or an officer of   and a recipient of public funds as such employee or officer, do hereby solemnly swear or affirm that I will support the Constitution of the United States and of the State of Florida.

Said oath shall be filed with the records of the governing (2) official or employing governmental agency prior to the approval of any voucher for the payment of salary, expenses, or other compensation.
History.—s. 1, ch. 25046, 1949; s. 22, ch. 83-214; s. 55, ch. 2007-30; s. 77, ch. 2011-40


2 comments to Detective Kim Northfield of Sarasota Sheriffs Department

  • edward kenneth

    deputy northfield stand down or enforce the law

  • COPS are breaking LAWS when HELPING CPS take KIDS-Its KIDNAPPING! The Parents 4th 5th 6th 14th 15th AMENDMENT Rights are Violated and ALL Others AND the POLICE know its wrong. They CAN BE SUED! Note Michigan GUN totin MOM who REFUSED Cops entrance to TAKE 13YR OLD as CPS said Kid HAD TO TAKE “PSYCHOTROPICS” against Mom and Some Doctors Judgment TEEN didnt HAVE TO HAVE! Police ARRESTED Mom, aided n abetted CPS and got SUED-MOM WON! SO HEADS of POLICE DEPTS. nationwide BEST ReLearn the LAWS that YES APPLY to Them and CPS:States NEITHER are exempt from those Laws! IGNORANCE of those LAWS is NO excuse. One Nation Under FRAUD!

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