DCF Wins 5 Million Dollar Adoption Award

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Press Release: Department of Children and Families

Tallahassee, Fla.— For the fifth straight year, the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) has received an award for going above and beyond to find permanent homes for children. As part of the Federal Adoption Award, DCF will receive five million dollars to provide services to special needs children who have been adopted.

“Finding safe, caring homes for children is a top priority,” DCF Interim Secretary Esther Jacobo said. “The award money is great, but more importantly, with the help of our Community Based Care (CBC) lead agencies, we’ve been able to find homes for thousands of children, many with special needs.”

Florida is receiving the third highest award among all states receiving the honor. The awards are given to states that exceed baseline standards for adoptions and work to find homes for harder to place children, like teens, sibling groups, and those with special needs.

Last year, DCF and community partners found permanent homes for 3,352 children, up more than a hundred from the previous year. Four hundred twenty-one, or about 12 percent, of the children adopted were 13 or older. One hundred had been in foster care for longer than five years.

DCF works in coordination with its CBC partners to help find homes for children statewide.

“Being among only a few states receiving this national award is a great honor, and reinforces the fact that DCF and its community-based partner and provider agencies are a national leader for their innovative, collaborative and effective programs and services,” said Florida Coalition for Children CEO Kurt Kelly. “This money will allow the CBC agencies to continuing partnering with DCF to find the safest homes and provide access to the best available care for children with special needs.”

“It is encouraging to see Florida’s adoption successes highlighted through this award,” said Zackary Gibson, Florida’s Chief Child Advocate. “Florida must continue to provide services and supports to families that have adopted children from care as they are the real heroes.”

Currently there are 750 children in foster care in Florida who are available for adoption. Information on children currently available for adoption can be found at www.adoptflorida.org or by calling 1-800-96-ADOPT (1-800-962-3678).

For stories about adoptions visit: http://blog.myflfamilies.com/category/adoption/

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Angela Guinn

Seriously this is absolutely repulsive since I have been fighting with the state of Florida for the last 4 almost 5 years and Michigan had gotten the state of Florida to admit they had never had any intentions of giving my kids back whether I completed the case plan or not. And by the way State of Florida the means that most states use to take parental rights saying sign your rights or we are taking them anyway sounds to me like even if we sign that would be more like signing under duress hmmmm, why don’t we go to Washington with more proof you are selling kids, as you have mine.
I completed The case plan you wanted me to up here in Michigan you received documentation and still I do not have my kids, oh but wait I did sign my rights on three because you were going to take my rights anyway, honestly I have a clear mind now and yeah there maybe laws (of which I admit I have not researched) that say I did not sign under duress but in my mind I honestly did when you tell one you sign or we are taking anyway, yeah that is duress.


What they should concentrate on is returning the kids that they snatched from families because of anonymous, false allegations.

Wally Conger Echte

Since the link you posted refers to Massachusetts, and not Florida, I wanted to provide some explanation about the Florida Department of Children and Families: DCF investigators are required to consult with a supervisor and operations manager on EVERY removal of a child; then, a DCF attorney must be persuaded to present the case to a judge; in court, the judge must be convinced that the decision is necessary – and approve the removal. And in Florida, each parent – EACH parent – is provided an attorney to object to and obstruct every thing DCF does. Children are only removed to protect them from harmful situations. And they are not removed because of “anonymous, false allegations” – “allegations” are nothing but words on paper – they are only removed after a joint investigation of those allegations by DCF and law enforcement – and the children are determined to be in danger. Contrary to your misconception, the pendulum has swung far in the other direction: When I started as an investigator in the ’80’s, it was “Protect the child, at all costs.” Now, it’s more like “Protect the parents ‘rights’ at all costs.” While the NSA and other federal agencies listen in on virtually everything we say and do – with almost no reaction from “the public” – recent appeals court decisions in Florida have placed far more emphasis on preventing the violation of some theoretical parental right regarding due process, instead of insuring the safety of vulnerable children.

Angela Guinn Wally Conger

The lawyers that are provided to the parents are for the state and not the parents I am sorry Most are for the state…. as in my case, I am not going to say my children did not need to be removed because at the time they really did. Before they were removed I asked the state for help because I was going into a really bad depressive state and could not receive the help I needed I was denied this help I fought from dec of 2008 until march 31,2009 to get help the first help I got was on April 2 2009 as my children were removed on march 31 2009 and a court hearing for the removal on April 1 2009 gave the department 24 hours to get me in for an eval. the results of that eval were PTSD (as I was sexually abused as a child), Major depressive disorder (I was on the verge of suicide), and anxiety disorder…. nice going state of florida I may not have been that far gone if you could have helped sooner…. but no you wait till people can barely get out of bed. I would have removed my children also as I know what the conditions were and they were honestly not live able but in December of 2008 they were good and I started asking for help then, my house in December was clean tidy so much different than March 31 2009. Then It is my understanding that a child should be placed with family until the hearing and guess what I was told by that worker that no they had a place for my children. then the two oldest removed from their father in July of 2009 because my daughter had been beaten by his wife (or she plead guilty to it anyway) she plead guilty to 3rd degree felony child abuse and the state of florida chose to place my son right back in the home with this lady after his father was arrested for sexual charges on a minor. wow congrats florida on your superb work in taking kids and placing them in a situation that could hurt them even more. Psychological abuse I believe that would be, so DCF is guilty of abuse of children as well, gee and the courts in florida uphold this kind of abuse. am I angry you are dang right I am, and where the state of florida says I dont have a right to be, hmmmm it is a normal reaction to hurt, I am human not a machine and have feelings I do have a right to have feelings and your Psychologists there that the DCF caseworkers use are for the state as well think about it if you are not numb and do exactly what they want and you voice your opinion then you are angry and not normal and need help, I am a normal for what has happened angry. I have had 4 years of counseling and been told when I said I feel angry and why that was completely normal to feel that way!!!!! The thing that ticks me off the most is that they would place my son back in the home with this lady who beat his sister and the pictures of my daughter the bruises on both ears and her black eyes and dcf would choose to place him back in her home seriously why would I not be pissed!!!!



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  • Joyce Brannaman

    Florida took my Grandson from my home for no reason!There was no abuse or neglect. We are heartbroken. It has been an awful situation dealing with Hillsborough County. They are ruthless in that county. They don’t care that his older brother wants to know where his little brother is. I’ve tried to get help with this situation. No wonder they got an adoption award. They are adopting out children that don’t need to be adopted. Taking them from loving homes for no reason. It’s all a power & money thing.

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