DCF Abuse Complaint Checklist


If you are the victim of a fraudulent DCF complaint  remember to follow the guidelines listed below:

  • Never be interviewed alone – some DCF offices, the Sarasota FL office in particular, are famous for misquoting your statements; always have a witness and if you can afford an attorney, hire one. (We should have done this before speaking with Robin Jensen, Lisa Voigt, and Brena Slater, Please pay attention to this article and save yourself the hell we went through!)
  • Always videotape the interview – the only right to privacy that exists in YOUR home belongs to YOU.
  • Always file a complaint of falsely reporting abuse if the charges are totally lacking in truth – do this on tape during the interview and follow up with a letter requesting the same under Florida Statute 39.205.
  • ALWAYS request a copy of the full investigative report at the conclusion of the investigation – you are legally entitled to this under Florida law; please see our request form and fill in the blanks, print out and hand deliver.
  • If you have an open custody case then you may alternately subpoena the information from DCF –
    1. Fill out the form online
    2. Print out the completed form leaving the return date on the subpoena blank
    3. Have a copy hand-delivered to the other party or mail to the other party
    4. File a copy with the Clerk of the Court on the same day as the delivery to the other party
    5. Wait 10 days if hand-delivered, 14 days if mailed
    6. Return to the Clerk’s Office and have the subpoena issued
    7. Have the subpoena served by a process server or the Sheriff
    8. If you are represented and your attorney refuses to do this, FIRE HIM OR HER!

Florida Statute 39.202(d): The parent or legal custodian of any child who is alleged to have been abused, abandoned, or neglected, and the child, and their attorneys, including any attorney representing a child in civil or criminal proceedings. This access shall be made available no later than 30 days after the department receives the initial report of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. However, any information otherwise made confidential or exempt by law shall not be released pursuant to this paragraph.


Florida Statute 39.205(4): The department shall establish procedures for determining whether a false report of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect has been made and for submitting all identifying information relating to such a report to the appropriate law enforcement agency and shall report annually to the Legislature the number of reports referred.


9 comments to DCF Abuse Complaint Checklist

  • Tiffany Rogers

    I need to know if I can fire my DCF appointed attorney. She is not doing her job. She is trying to tell me that I cannot fight the termination of parental rights that DCF is going to trial against me on. Almost everything in the TPR is false and she is not even trying to defend me. This document states that DCF offered me financial help, transportation help, parenting skills classes and many other things when I got my kids back the first time, These are all lies. The father of the children abandoned me while I was pregnant and never paid any child support. All he did was harass me and call DCF about me when I fell into depression and my house got messy. I tried so hard to keep it together for my 4 children all under the age of 5 but when the father of the children showed up on my doorstep the night his new girlfriend had a baby to gloat and make me feel horrible I gave in to the depression for a few days and the kids went nuts on the house. Before that I was doing very well keeping the house clean. The kids always made it to their doctor appointments and to school and were fed very well. When the father called DCF against me I was shocked. I asked him if he would come see the kids, help me clean up and bring some diapers and food. I am waiting for a disability hearing in April for mental disabilities that make it difficult for me to work but I love my children with all my heart. I have jumped through every hoop and gone to every class or whatever they asked me to do for DCF but now they are taking my kids away forever. Can I fire this attorney and get one that will fight for me and my kids? If so, how do I do it? I love them so much and I have come so far since they gave them back to me the first time. They should never have taken them away in the first place. My children have never been abused or neglected. I don’t do drugs or drink and I have never done anything like that. My heart and life is my children. There has to be some way that I can fight these people. If you have any answers please help me.

  • sally

    Please,please help me and my five year old daughter. I have proof that the
    dept and family first and even the guardian program have lied to take my child away. i showed it to my lawyer and he said that they “shaded the facts to look negatively on you”….but a lie is a lie and i want to get my child back! Please please help! please! Just talk to me and i will show you the evidence i have that shows the bullying and bias, all at the expense of a child’s well being.


  • andrew

    i’m a single dad falsly avvussed and do have a witness to occurance who worked in ny vourt for 21yrs.she told case worker what happened,but case worker wont return my calls i want case dropped ASAP.Iwork so hard raising these children 24/7.i would NEVER hurt an innocent child especially mine.it was there daycare who reported abuse, but when he was seriously hurt three times at the daycare i never reported.I apologized to my child for not taking him out sooner.And i first hand witnessed emotional abuse/neglect at this venice fl lutheran daycare,made dcf complaint was told nothing theydcf could do.I’m from NY AT LEAST YOU HAVE RIGHTS THERE.FINALLY I’M A GREAT DAD TO MY 2&4 YR OLD I NEED SOME ADVICE.THESE DCF PEOPLE ARE EVIL TAKING A CHILD FROM AN INNOCENT PARENT IS MORE TRAUMATIZING THAN ANY THING A DECENT PARENT WOULD DO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AShley

    How do I get a copy of the request form that is mentioned in the article, “DCF Abuse Complaint Checklist?” I would like to request a copy of the completed report from my closed case with DCF in Sarasota County, FL.

  • mad angel

    As I read along to the posts I’m saddened to see that people still feel they can not find answers they are looking for. I do want to point out Randy above said to go to their Facebook site….And this believe it or not is some good advice. Yet I also want to point out that there are many many Facebook pages devoted to the same cause. Against cps United, dcfs reform, families against government abuse, etc. Please go to face book and continue to search, there are many pages and people there to help.

    With that said I want to make people aware of how far cps and the courts are willing to go. As I went in for my six month review (and had completed all court requirements asked of me) I was informed that cps would still retain wardship of my children. Why because I put a petition against cps on social media. (My freedom of speech) they/ cps told the judge my children’s names and faces where on this petition. (This was perjury) the judge granted cps continued wardship without any proof to their claims.
    And I am to be told how I’m allowed to post on social media (I understand the laws, they violated mine,) this was all an excuse to receive further funding for holding my children captive…..

    We are all in danger, when they feel they can violate our constitutional rights and get away with it. This slap in my face is a slap in everyone’s face who believes in our constitution and our government.

  • Richard

    yes you can request different councel if you feel there is misrepresentation you need to request this befotre the start of your trial you tell the judge there is misrepresentation on there part if the judge doesnt allow it report the judge and the lawyer to your start bar.

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