Corrupt DCF Lawyer In Hillsborough County

Justice is the search for truth.  But Mary Soorus, Esquire, Assistant Attorney General for Children’s Legal Services doesn’t care about the truth.  She cares about winning, lying and snatching children form loving parents.


Here’s the problem.  Mary Soorus  is fully aware of the fraud conducted at the hands of state authorities’ hell bent on removing children from their families to place them in foster care.  Foster care is a lucrative business that guarantees millions of dollars from state and federal tax payers that funds the AAG’s job.


A search for truth would reveal that children are being stolen from parents based on the lies, exaggerations, and willful deceit of Child Protective Services, who believe they know better than us, the parents.  It is unconstitutional and amounts to government overreach and child trafficking.


AAG Mary Soorus cannot be trusted.  Mary Soorus cares more about keeping her job than searching for the truth.  Because if she were searching for the truth she would drop the numerous false allegation cases lodged against families.  These complaints are filed for the sole purpose of removing children from loving families so that they can be placed into foster care, and later sold at top dollar for adoption.

It’s sick, disgusting, and inhuman.  Ms. Soorus, congratulations you have made Sarasota’s list of corrupt lawyers.  And, unless you stop trying to steal children, we will be relentless in our attempts to expose you.


We will expose your name for what you have  done to the many families of Hillsborough County.

Aha.  Power of the Pen works, and so far, we have a right to say so under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  Learn the law; Chapter 39 says equal weight must be paid to keeping families together for children.  Yet, keeping families together is out of your radar.  Your motto is “get the kids and collect the funds” regardless of the situation.  In our book, you are a MONSTER!



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  • Linda Smith

    Victim of Hillsborough County in 1992 that moved to East Pasco County. All of these judges are crooked. I proved allegations to be false, further claims by Florida DHS to be false which they were forced to admit to being false therefore committing perjury in court and the judges turn their heads.

    Tampa General Hospital has nurses that call these animals as soon as a baby is born to a single, divorced, separated mother with claims of neglect. They are paid to do this. How does a mother neglect a baby she has just given birth to and not even seen yet as in my case. My baby was a C-section.

  • Elusive Wolf

    I had a run in with “DYFS” division of Youth and Family Svcs back home. False allegations which could not be proven but they would not back off…
    I lost a son to them, still have not been able to find him and it’s been 20 years now. Mathew was one of 4 children… If I was such a “uncaring” mother, why take one and not all 4 of my children. Mathew disappeared shortly after they took him. I personally know of their corruption.

  • James Nolan

    My wife and I had a baby kidnapped under color of law by the same “social services” racket that operates in the state of Virginia.

    We empathize. I can encourage all and any folks interested in exploring the issue to place “Alex Jones CPS Corruption”, “CPS corruption” “Nancy Schaefer Murder” in a search engine and read and listen to the countless stories.

    This is a phenomenon throughout the western world, a scheme for big government and its allies to control families, re-distribute the children to foster kidnappers who will indoctrinate the kid’s with non-traditional values and behaviors. People need to spread the word, get activist, vocal and be persistent. This is as evil as the Military-Industrial-Surveillance-Police State Complex, another scheme to control people, for the corrupt interests of the few at the top.

  • Debra Dillard

    This situation needs to be fully investigated! If it smells like a rat, there must be a rat! This is horrible! Once a child is put into foster care, it is nearly impossible to get them out! Pressure needs to be put on the entire system, immediately for the Truth!!!!!

  • Kathryn foster-martin

    The real children in danger, like my granddaughter, whose parents drug her and post the photos on the internet and have tested positive to oxy, are left to be tortured. I guess the fact that rhe parents deal drugs with a local cops daughter has nothing to do with it. Everyone is corrupt. There is a special place in hell reserved for them.

  • three years ago dcf tool my grand daughters they fabricated stories and falsified documents they knew the mother of my grand children very well so well that her mother had and has an open dcf case they have history with the mother of my gran daughters and yet my son who did everything and more showed up at every visit not the mother though went to every court hearing not the mother though passed every evaluation not the mother though and yet they still gave my granddaughters to one of the mothers relatives and after saying the mother was not mentally fit to raise my grand daughters they let her keep the new born baby boy she had with another man

  • Luna

    My children were taken with no court order, nothing. No long drawn out investigation or any investigation really. they just talked to me for a few minutes and said a bunch of wild accusations and took my children. According to cps i think my cat can turn into a person, have over 24 personalities, and called the police to confess this. Mind you, i receive regular mental health treatment and have documentation that i do not have any of these issues. The call they received wasn’t even about my parenting. It was a revenge call either way, but it wasn’t about my parenting regardless.

    They had no warrant but pushed their way in, no court order but took my children right then and their. “people with mental illness should not have children”, but my children were fed, clothed, had a roof over their heads and weren’t living in filth, were not in danger. In fact, I have PTSD. Partially because of what cps did when i was a child myself. no psychosis is in my symptimology which is what they were claiming i had. I had several notes i personally took in and submitted from my mental health office saying this, but they didn’t listen. wouldn’t hear it.

    I was forced a couple days after they took my children, to sign paperwork on the threat against my children, as well as never seeing them again. I guess when they are saying your nuts in that way they will do and say anything to you. I’ve seen some psychiatrists do that to people too, but a cps worker isn’t one of them, yet they still get away with it.

    When you call the police and check their records, the call they say exists, does not. Though i have multiple letters to them that i do not have these things from my mental health site that i go to, they did not care.

    I never received paperwork saying what i needed to do. getting it verbally was like pulling teeth.

    I live in Arizona.

    My rights were severed on another wild accusation saying that though they admitted i was bonded to my children, a doctor they hired says i lack the ability to bond with anyone.

    The claims were never about my parenting. My rights have been severed and im still fighting to overturn this ruling.

    That is Arizona CPS for you.

    I think the part that scares me the most is that they know my children are being abused by the people who want to adopt them but not only did they cover it up when my oldest said something in a visit, but they threatened me to not take pictures of their bruises. i still look pictures but was a lil more sneaky about it. I just don’t really know what to do with said pictures.

    In Arizona its kinda like “its not supposed to get this far if their is no reason”, so people just kinda assume and cps rides on that. i have found out this gets done to a lot of people. right now my state is in trouble for not investigating children they did not take, and in hot water for where they place them as well, and things like this. i think, they need to be in more hot water for this. it has been going on a long time. they have no accountability in my state. they had the police out to force that snatch that day, leaving police officers under the impression they had a warrant.

    Even when i still had my rights they denies holiday visits, i later found out the placement who wanted to keep them took them somewhere, somewhere they were too far away. i don’t know where, thats all i was able to find. and that was when i still supposedly had rights. they didn’t treat me like i did. in fact they did everything in their power to hinder me, including and certainly not limited to, me losing a good paying job because of them. directly because of their actions.

    But you know, people tell you ‘if this was true someone would have stopped them.’ ‘this worker would be in jail if this was true’…

    but its all true and their are others like me!

    but people tell you that ‘if this was true’… but it is. and they don’t even let you prove it or look that closely and when they do… well this one woman is facing losing her job for it. because she told me that cps told my mental health site i was in pornography. apparently even though they knew this was false, they didn’t do anything about it, though it wasn’t brought up in court this is one of the things they told people to deter them from helping me.

    I wonder, how far they have to go before people will finally see how bad it is and do something about it. i mean, even mine shows in the paperwork. their is a paper trail of their corruption and proof of the lies, but how can you even get anyone to even care enough to look?

    In my state, so far i have found nobody who will fight cps in the legal channels. everyone is in their pocket. i wish someone would help us, all of us. the people who suffer such things like this, our children most of all. but they don’t and they won’t and i just wish it was different. i wish i could hold my children. they never said i had abused my children, just that i would on the basis of wild accusations of my mental health.

  • leanne

    Cyfs in Hamilton north island n.z r dispicable. Tania Halse Jen lourie lied in court . Tania placed my daughter in lock up where she was choked with loo paper. Branded on her back with hot knives. Saff is still coming to terms with her life. I’m suffering as I trusted what Tania said. I volunteerely signed saff over to them. Behaviour issues n violent. I’m so sad for her still

  • My child protection story and many others can be found at

  • Holly Tidwell

    It took 3 months to get my kids back. Felt like a lifetime so I support anyone against any corrupt goverment cause ive been involved in it all. Family court cps law enforcement. They had absolutely no evidence to take my kids it was done to me to put me back in my place. Ive never been good with instructions.Henderson tn

  • Luci

    In UK the same thing is happening. The Social Service took my two kids and there were no reason at all to do so, just their lies.

  • CPS stole my 3 kids in Indiana.The judges are crooks. You can’t say anything in court. You don’t have to have a warrant for them to take your kids away. It’s she said. He said. No evidence needed. The courts will twist every word you say.

  • anonymous

    Cps is corrupt all over one day y’all have to answer to god who is in control. Give us our kids back before it’s too late and cps goes to hell.

  • A tribute to former Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer.
    Find out how to join us from any part of the USA:

  • Joyce Brannaman

    My Grandson was taken from me & my husband after raising him almost 3 yrs. .Dcf: HKI, Camelot, & Eckerd, all part of dcf in Hillsborough county, Florida. They were ruthless. Along with the dependency judge & Guardian Ad Litem. They took my Grandson for no good reason. They had a bunch of stupid excuses that had nothing to due with raising a child. We went to court once in 3 yrs, & while we were there, we were called liars, & the judge said, that’s a deal breaker. I didnot know I had made any kind of a deal with the judge, I had never seen her before. I was told that I could keep guardianship of him if I put him in daycare & got him a pediatric dental appt. Which I did immediately. He was in daycare for approx 6 weeks, at which time he kept getting sick, so I got in trouble because I didn’t have him daycare being sick & had to take him to the doctors. I was living in a different county, so they in Hillsborough county continually tried to get someone from my county to remove him. Since they found no reason, they wouldn’t. So Hillsborough took it upon theirselves to come to my county with no paperwork & remove him from our custody. We called the police & stood in the middle of the street for 5 hours waiting for paperwork that never came. The police were changing shifts, so they just let S. George take him. I tried 2 get paperwork from the police dept, Clerk of Courts in Hillsborough County to no avail. Police dept could not find any, even though the Sargent said it was there. The Clerks office said that we were not named in any of the paperwork. I belonged to Grandparents raising Grandchildren in my county. They tried to help, but didn’t. I was living in a home rented by the Coalition for the homeless & Homeless vets, which my caseworker suggested to me. When I lost my Grandson, I was asked to move. We did nothing to this child to deserve this. He was never neglected or abused. My husband had only one mark in his past, which was 20 yrs ago. My record is clean. My husband is a Veteran. I have been a Notary for over 25 yrs. We don’t do drugs or anything illegal. This is not right! We are heartbroken. He has a 9 yr old brother who asks about him all the time & we don’t know what to tell him. I spoke with some dcf directors & they were sorry, so they said. They couldn’t help me because they said more than likely I was going to sue them. I have a page on facebook called “Do you know where your children or Grandchildren are?” My Grandson is all over my facebook page. You can see how happy he was with us.


    It has been my experience that their is corruption within the children protective service agencies my experience has been in 3 different states Not saying they are all bad because their not. Children’s Protective Service is a needed agency in the world we live in. but it needs revamped, there needs to be more protection for the parents because they do take your kids over stupid things and they do not have to have proof and I to believe they falsify records, exagerate the situations I believe the judges just take their word for everything, they do a lot of sneaky little things behind the worlds back and it is time for the world to get off their lazy butts and start looking at what it is going on right under your noses…please :/

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