Corrupt DCF Employees Break Up Families

How I met Dulce.

Across various parts of Florida, children are being taken from their families unfairly because of certain corrupt employees inside of DCF (Department of Children and Family). Dulce and her families are victims of this corruption.

I first met Dulce because she and her mother were renting a house that I rented to her uncle.  I have known Dulce since the day she was born and saw her frequently as I maintained my rental houses and apartments in Arcadia.  When she was a month old I would babysit her, along with my daughter, while her mother worked.  At three months old, Dulce would whimper when I came in to the house when I picked her up she would stop and be so happy. When Dulce would go with me in the car she would bend her neck around and would not take her eyes off of me. By the time she was six months old, when I visited her home, she only wanted me and when I had to leave she would continuously cry.  She loved me and I loved her just as much.  When she was eight and nine months old she started saying “dad dad” to me.  Her mother said that when she was sick during the night she would call for her “dad dad.”  She always wanted her daddy more than anyone else.
When she was one-year-old, her mother and aunt told me they wanted to contact the father again and give him an opportunity to be in her life.  Although I was not in favor of this at first, I knew it was the right thing to do because he was the biological father.  Once the aunt and mother contacted him, they found him to be married.  His wife said, “you are not the father and will have nothing to do with her.”  The father and his wife left the next day and went back to Mexico.

As time went on, our father-daughter relationship grew even stronger.  In April 2010, the mother signed temporary custody papers so that I could care for Dulce and  get her emergency care if she needed it.  From the time Dulce was born the mother signed permission papers allowing me to  take her to her normal Doctor visits. I never missed one.

The mother is now having good days and bad days – more good days than bad.  Dulce began to spend more and more time with me.  Then, Thanksgiving 2010 Dulce came to live with us full time.  I used to take Dulce to see her mom three or four times a week.  We used to go to Burger King or the park so that her mother could watch her play.  On her bad days, we would have to leave without Mom getting to see her play.

The aunt and uncle would visit every Sunday to see Dulce and her mom.  Many times I have invited DCF (Dept Children and Families) and Guardian ad litem into our home to see how well she was doing; they never visited.  We are also fighting for custody for her sister, Leslie, which I will not go into details as this case is ongoing.

On April 19, 2011, a DCF supervisor Lisa Voigt of Venice Fl , came to our house to take our daughter away to a foster home.  It has been 92 days since DCF took Dulce.  I have never lived through this much pain before in my life.  Everyday gets harder, not easier.  There is little I can do because of all the corruption in DCF.

I need help on fighting the corruption in DCF.  Please reply below with your comments and support.
DCF Florida Save Our Children.

16 comments to Corrupt DCF Employees Break Up Families

  • Kim Moore

    This is a heartbreaking story of a Father (by choice) gave everything to Dulce to thrive and be loved every day of her life. To rip her away from her family and put her in foster care was a big mistake. She is wondering everyday where is her family that gave her so much love. This damages a child’s inner self no matter what age they are. It is apparent that this decision to take her away from the only family she knows should be reversed.She needs to be reunited with her family. DNA does not make you a great father. Loving and caring about a child’s every need is what being a great father is all about. This had already been proven and that alone should speak for itself. Heavy case loads and excuses is not your fault, but taking this child away is a Huge mistake. Please investigate this case and return Dulce to her family so she can be really loved everyday of her life. No one loves her more and she will get everything she needs to grow up a well adjusted adult. Thank you, Sincerely, Kim Moore

  • J. M.

    Randy, I want to comment, but first, please tell us what the stated reason(s) (or probable cause) was that DCF justified the removal of the child? Obviously you don’t agree with the reasons, but what were they?

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  • david

    terrible story! My wife and iknow what you are going through. In 2009, june 31, my family were fishing and playing at a lake in clermont when all of a sudden three police units swooped on us, and began interrogating my family. my wife and i were arrested with false charges for felony child neglect / without harm. We were booked into holding cells in the city of clermont. A dcf investigator showed up and interviewed us. Put us back in the cells. During the process, the officer who arrested us and made the false charges opened my cell door and said, i quote, i wish you would jump up from that bench so i could do what i want to do to you! i weigh 120 lbs. he, at least 185, he had a gun, a taser, a stick, training, and finally, a badge to back it all up, attempting to provoke me to fight! I pointed out a camera and told him he would have to do it with me sitting , in front of the camera. He took us to LAKE CO. DETENTION CTR., all the way there listening to death metal loudly telling us we had no chance of beating

  • Dan

    [QUOTE who=”Renee Waters Marcy Camp”]Write the governor and your legislators about what’s been done. Hold them accountable. The protective investigator will bamboozle law officials by taking children into dark rooms taking pictures of them and photoshopping/falsifying photos and then showing it to officials and attempting to pass it off. It is not uncommon in this county for multiple sets of photos. You’ll see this at trial. All this to justify their false adoption program to remove children and place them into “a better parental environment” note – they pry on single mothers, families with a step parent. Also keep in mind that they must obtain this adoption/foster program due to the money they get from the federal government. They have to justify the revenues per year so the actually fabricate criminal situations to do so. In many cases they look for blonde hair blue eyed children to adopt or children they deem ‘favorable’ for adoptions. You will see them refer to your children as theirs and not yours. The psychologists and professionals they use are told what to say and report without any actual interviews so their professionals degree have no value, if they have them. Note – the case worker is generally extremely selective in who they interview and may not even interview the valid testimonies and witnesses on the side
    of the parent. Beware.[/QUOTE]

  • Katie Boisclair

    My three children were taken in June of 2009 from my husband and i at the time we only had our youngest son who had just turned 3 together and i had an 11 year old son who would turn 12 that summer and my daughter who would be 8 this summer.
    when he answered the door and listened to to her crazy alligations he told her they were crazy alligations and no she could not come in.We had just moved a couple weeks earlier to a diffrent city i had stayed up late trying to get our smaller house together and the day previous we had not been home much our only car had broke down so i had slept in that morning any how i went to the door to talk to the lady dcf worker at that point she was on the phone and didnt have much to say to me other than he would not let her in so she called local police a women police officer came and they came in they spoke with us a few moments then sent us to a back bed room talking to my youngest to and then to the oldest. long story a bit shorter i have so deeply felt i was wronged in so many ways raped of my family my babbies my husband left homeless on the streets for the first time in my life even my sister and brother against me. they told my husband he should leave me he would have much better chace of getting our son by himself they had accussed us of haveing a minte amount of cocaine they said they found in a dirty ash tray out of the blue they walk outside together open the trunk dcf worker gets on phone im watching out the window i told my husbvand they were going to take them my kids hear dmy daughter most of all was started freaking i tried saying calmly its ok its going to be ok i put my necklace around her neck i promised it would be ok and have so far failed very much they came in waveing around this little bag couldnt even see it really not really showing us told rick to go to the back room and get dustin who was also now freakineverything got crazy my kids i was trying to calm my daughter telli her were she would go the 2 women just smothered me my husband noticed telling me i need to quit talking get them ready i had given my son a rinse off and told me i better get his naked butt dressed or she would take him like that talk about them letting kids see vilounce they sur do when they would notlet me calm my daughter down i screamed this is your falt for lieing saying that shit is in my house they didnt have any reason to take my kids other wise she grabed me left a whole hand print on my arm the officer did and tased me in front of my babbies noone even tryed to remove the children when the officer went after me made me fall on my three yr old after tasing me once to the ground i went she said i was uncouoprtive an tased agasin right at my heart there is sooo much more my children are not in good places i recently my oldest was honor role student just awonderful boy recentlygot in some trouble and his father droped him off at grandmothers she said abandoed him then grandma wanted to make her son take responsiblity and left him with his fatheragain they stayed in a hotel for 4 days an my son ran away i guess they found him but he never registered in first year of high school no one not grandma but his father and his wife no where my son is now my son and i are close we were talking everyday since he had been liveing at grandmas he even called a few times at the hotel once he was allowed the other times he snuck iwanmt him here he should be here he wants it my daughter not with any biological parent my youngest his father is in and out of jail and now dcf says its ok for him to be with the grand parents they had to remove him from in the begining because they are on drugs butt dcf recently told me all my children were with there bio fathers when i asked where they are but thats not true but all the lady was worried about was accusing me of being on drugs at this time over the phone with her im concerened bout my childrens well being i remember that lady she was the one that befor i went to jail for battery on leo an resisting arrest while they were takeing my kids told me i might as well sign my rights away i was going away for long time WE STILL NEED HELP PLEASE HELP

  • Valerie

    My granddaughter has been the “the system” here in Kansas since the beginning of the year. We are dealing with a corrupt case worker who is friend’s with one parent’s sister who is a foster parent with the placement company. You can imagine how that’s going! The case worker lies to us, ignores us and has been bias from the beginning. I’m not the only one who sees what’s going on. My son’s counselor is fed up with TFI, (now St Francis Community Care – as of this month)and so is his advocate with Safe Homes. Jade’s mother is on probation for domestic violence and is a repeat offender. She attacked my son while he held their infant daughter and the baby was scratched in the attack and taken into protective services. Actually she was placed with me and the mother wasn’t comfortable with that and claimed my son was not the father. So Jade went into the system and it’s been a nightmare ever since. Paternity has been established so that dog don’t hunt anymore but the damage had been done. Jade has been placed with the mother’s sister behind our backs after being pulled out of a neutral placement. The case worker lies in the files, covers up failed drug tests and they are working together to tear this side of Jade’s family apart. How do we fight them? I need some advice.

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