How Did 70-Plus Children Go Missing From The Kansas Foster Care System?

By The Kansas City Star editorial board

OCTOBER 11, 2017 6:44 PM

If the state of Kansas were parents, we’d report them for neglect.

The state is responsible for about 7,000 children through the foster care system.

The Kansas Department for Children and Families can’t account for more than 70 children […]


Kansas Parents Slam DCF For Allegedly Mishandling Cases

WICHITA, Kan. — Kansas parents whose children have been taken from them are slamming the state.

They’re accusing the Department for Children and Families of abusing its power and putting their kids in dangerous homes.

After months of trying to find someone who would listen to their cries for help and calls for change, […]


Rick Scott Signs Terrible Law Expanding Florida DCF’s Power

One of the least desirable features of a representative democracy is that often, poorly thought out legislation is rammed through with little thought as a gross overreaction to immediate public outrage. Such is the case with the child welfare law signed into law by Florida Governor Rick Scott today. The gist of this story […]


CDC’s National Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System Is Spying On Kids & Parents

The Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) is using data analysis to identify children and families most at risk, and thus inform how time and money is allocated. When the DCF started this project two years ago, the goal was to see fewer dead children — and that’s what the department says is […]


Florida’s Undercount Of Child Abuse Deaths

The state says abuse and neglect deaths are receding after a spike. But are they? And, if so, by how much? A closer look at the numbers.

By Carol Marbin Miller and Audra D.S. Burchcmarbin@miamiherald.comPublished March 22, 2014

Nubia Barahona was found on Valentine’s Day in the flatbed of a pest-control truck. She […]


‘Trapped’ Justina Pelletier Wants to Return Home, Feels Like Prisoner

The tragic case of Justina Pelletier has been dragging on for 14 months, during which time she has been denied education, religious services and a clergy visit, and has had abysmal medical care while in the custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF).

Pelletier, 15, has only been allowed one, […]


Children’s Rights lawyer, in 5th year of lawsuit against DCF, says state has long failed to correct system



Sara M. Bartosz, the lead attorney for Children’s Rights representing foster children in a federal class action lawsuit filed years ago against the state, said the Patrick administration was well aware of changes needed within Department of Children and Families to ensure youngsters are cared […]


DCF Commissioner Visits Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB)– Embattled Department of Children and Families Commissioner Olga Roche speaks to staff members in Springfield on Friday.

Commissioner Olga Roche

Roche has come under intense criticism for DCF’s role in losing track of 5-year old Jeremiah Oliver of Fitchburg.

We caught up with Commissioner Roche as she was leaving the […]




Petitioning Governor Jerry Brown

Elena Blank


Judge Dale Wells, has victimized children by retaliating against parents, predominantly mothers, in the Riverside Superior Court, in the United States. Judge Wells trademark is to issue non noticed expartes, declare mothers an immediate flight risk and remove their young children from them causing […]


Stop Child Protective Services From Wrongfully Taking Kids

Petition by

Kevin Kulman

COUNTLESS INNOCENT KIDS AND FAMILIES are victims to CPS’ corrupt power. CPS neglects to do proper investigations before removing a child. And when in shelter or foster care, they refuse to act when the child is being abused or hurt. Countless amounts of children are legally kidnapped over nothing […]