When Judges Fight Judicial Corruption

THE JUDGE McMILLAN STORY Susan McMillan       Judge Matthew E. McMillan, a former police officer and prosecuting attorney, had won his seat on the bench from an entrenched incumbent in a public election.  The courageous judge then had to fight against insurmountable odds to have his duly-elected seat returned to him after it […]



There are two types of judges, de jure and de facto. De Jure means “in law” while de facto means “in practice”.

De facto judges are judges that have never signed their Oaths of Office and are acting as judges only in practice, but not under the law. Their judgments are not legally […]


Florida Forensic Accountant Surrenders To Authorities Pending $2.5 Million Embezzlement Charge

Lewis "Lew" B. Freeman

Florida Forensic Accountant Surrenders To Authorities Pending $2.5 Million Embezzlement Charge Lewis “Lew” B. Freeman, 60, of Coconut Grove, Florida, surrendered to federal authorities today pending charges he embezzled more than $2.5 million from client trust accounts he managed. Freeman is a longtime and well known attorney and […]


Feds: Another Court-Appointed “Trustee” Is a Crook


Among the funds Tolz allegedly misappropriated was $1 million involved in the Scott Rothstein Ponzi case that she received from the U.S. Marshal’s Service. The million bucks came from a charitable contribution Rothstein gave to Holy Cross Hospital during his big-shot days.  Federal court records show that Tolz was moving money from one trust […]


Removal Of DCF Supervisor Lisa Voigt Venice Florida Petition

Target: David Wilkins dcf-osc@dcf.state.fl.us Sponsored by: Randy Kluge And Concerned Parents


This is a petition requesting the removal of DCF-supervisor Lisa Voigt from her position working with Department Children and Families in any position. She has flaunted the laws, allowed false reports to stand, abused the color of law and completely disregarded constitutional rights. […]


Florida Lawyer Henry Adorno Gets 3 Year Suspension

ABA Journal Law News Now By Debra Cassens Weiss April 22, 2011

Corrected: The Florida Supreme Court ordered a three-year suspension for Miami lawyer Henry “Hank” Adorno, the one-time name partner at Adorno & Yoss before it disbanded.

The troubled Florida law firm announced its dissolution in March after Adorno resigned from the […]


Florida Lawyer Jessica Miller Stole from Clients


ABA Journal Law News Now

by Martha Neil, April 6, 2010

While she was still in practice, attorney Jessica Miller intended to repay the money she stole from clients, a prosecutor told a Florida judge at her sentencing hearing. But what he described as Miller’s plan to start an exotic animal sales […]


Detective Kim Northfield of Sarasota Sheriffs Department

Detective Kim Northfield


Do you remember taking this oath Detective Kim Northfield of Sarasota Sheriffs Department? You have been made aware of numerous violations within Department Children And Families. The simple fact that they do not need a search warrant to enter your home is a clear violation of the US and […]


Detective Kim Northfield Sarasota Florida Sheriffs Department

Should be relaxing not fighting DCF


Detective Kim Northfield

Detective Kim Northfield of Sarasota sheriffs Department is  good friends with Robin Jensen. They work together through DCF. Just as I found the photos of  Brena Slater with Robin K Jensen after she said, ” I never do anything with Robin Jensen.   When I was exposing Robin Jensen and others […]


Corrupt Sarasota Florida Attorney’s Elder Fraud

Attorney Edward Murachanian

Elder fraud is a great way to make money. Low life con artists prey on the elderly because their generation still believe they can trust those in authority including elected officials, lawyers, doctors and those who work for mobile home parks and nursing homes.

When my father was dying […]