Judge James Parker can you explain this?

When researching the Judge James Parker of Desoto County Florida we found this to be quite interesting:

Rodeo Marketing Promotions, LLC is a For-Profit organization run by  Don T Hall—He is the other 12th circuit Judge, how can I get a fair trial? If I go sue Judge Parker, Don Hall would not […]


Leah Liedke Officer Of The Court, 12 Circuit Arcadia Fl

 Leah Liedke—Officer of the court, Judge James S Parker’s personal secretary, court reporter.

DeSoto County Courthouse 115 Oak Street Arcadia, Florida  34266



839.24 Penalty for failure to perform duty required of officer.—A sheriff,  county court judge, prosecuting officer, court reporter, stenographer, interpreter, or other […]


Judge James Parker want lessons from a respected judge?

Judge James Parker want lessons from a respected judge?

I have to say that I had become very discouraged by the judicial and political system in the United States. In fact I have to say I was ashamed of my country, a country I had always loved and defended to others.

A friend […]


Robin Jensen Sarasota and Judge James Parker Arcadia Fl.

Robin Jensen Sarasota and Judge James S Parker Arcadia Fl. this link below reminds me of you.

I found these comments at the bottom of the articale very interesting

Is this Judge S James Parker?f you.

reminds me of Robin

Jensen Sarasota and Judge  James S Parker Arcadia Fl:




I […]


Judge James Parker of Arcadia FL

Judge James Parker of  Arcadia, FL has no problems with taking children from an illegal immigrant mother that has developed mental disease.  The Judge has wrecked the lives of the mother and her children — stealing her children from her when her mental state is diminished, convening hearings that decide the fate of her […]


Robin Jensen and Judge James Parker Not Upholding Your Duties To The Public.

Kangroo court at its best.

Robin Jensen and Judge James Parker –you have been elected or hired into your positions to serve the public and do what is right and fair.  You are not upholding your duties to the public.  You have abducted the mother of Dulce and Leslie, cutting her off completely […]


Robin Jensen Sarasota and Judge James Parker arcadia

Robin Jensen Sarasota and Judge James Parker Arcadia  need to learn how to respect power — not abuse it. Robin Jensen and James Parker are power hungry, and abusing the power with which they have been trusted by the citizens of DeSoto County.

I found out on Friday 6-10-11 that the report falsely accusing me […]


Lets stop the corruption in Arcadia FL. Judge James Parker





I seen this a couple of months ago I could not  believe all  Judge James Parker of Arcadia FL has done.Lets stop the corruption in Arcadia FL.


“The world is a dangerous place to live, not because of the people who are evil,

but because of the people who don’t do […]


Robin Jensen Sarasota and Judge James Parker Arcadia

I wonder how these people get elected.

We were in court June 9, 2011 before Judge James Parker Arcadia.  Previously in another posting I have written that judge James Parker and I were victims.  I now realize that I am the only victim and Judge James Parker does not follow statues and […]