Bring My Son Home!



  1. Petition byJasmine Guidance

    Highland, MI

Cps of South Dakota has Legally Kidnapped my son. His name is Ender Murray. Please help me bring him back home! I am a fit mother and he is missing his mommy!


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  • Christopher Slitor

    This is disgraceful. This mother should get her son back. What a gross denial of human rights. China and Russia have a better record than the western world does on family rights issues.


    Ender is my 11 year old son. He is a sweet and loving little boy who is short for his age but has the fire of someone 10 times his size. He has been tested to have an IQ of 125 and his education has also been neglected by CPS and the facilities. Her has great promise and loves to learn!
    CPS has had him for 4 1/2 years now. 4 of it has been spent in institutions. These are the photos of the abuse my son endured in CPS ‘care.’ CPS left him in the facility for about another 10 months after he was slammed face first into the floor by a large, adult, male employee of Aurora Plains Academy in Plankinton, SD. Ender had received a black eye, 2 rug burns by his eye, and 2 rug burns on his shoulder. Emmanuel Yuyada has since been fired. The abuse was substantiated per FSS. Charges were filed and at the preliminary trial, the director for the facility claimed that ALL troubled children do this to themselves. The 2 other employees that witnessed the event, changed their stories for trail and lied on the stand. I have the transcript from preliminary, all court documents, and all investigations regarding this atrocity.
    Ender was so scared and he cried out and wet his pants.

    Please help Ender by signing the petitions to have him sent home!

    Please share our story.
    Thank you,
    Emily and Ender

  • give that child back to his loving mother you shower of brutes and paedophile feckers ..hes a lot safer with her then cpi

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