Best Interest Of Robin Jensen Sarasota Or Dulce and Leslie?





he best interest of the child is DCF’s job. To protect these innocents and give them a hope and a future. We both know that foster care should be the last resort. I have been contacted by so many families whose lives are ripped apart and I have also been doing some research that should break any ones heart and make us ask hard questions about how DCF and other organizations are run and held accountable.

Dulce and Katrina






I believe in foster care and adoption for the right reasons, to protect children and to build families where children are unable to be cared for or abused by blood relatives.
As you know this was not the case here. Dulce was safe, loved and valued as a person, as Leslie would have been, in our home. She was able to visit her mother several times a week (depending on her mental condition, she would go play at the park having her mom follow her around and slide down the slides with her. She would spend the night with her Aunt, Sundays were family days, after church we would get together at Dulces moms house and then either her sister would cook a big Latin dinner or we might order Chinese and head out to the park to play. She would boss her younger cousin around and jabber at him in Spanish. We are not a typical family but it was working.



You thought it better to remove these children from a loving home where they had immediate and extend family relationships, where they would learn about their culture and speak Spanish, does the family they are with give them any of this? Will they be able to explain why you celebrate Christmas on the a 24th of December instead of the 25th and make sure they have tamales, and other cultural differences? Will they keep up their Spanish?Will they appreciate the food, the people and the history?  Will the learn the slang and dialect of their laungage? Will they be taught to appreciate who they are and not be embarrassed by it. They would have had they not been stolen away from the people to best teach them these things by living them, their biological family. Will they be allowed to go visit the country of their mother birth’s or will they even know?




What will you tell them, when they wonder why, will you tell them the truth? Will you tell them they were loved and wanted and cried and prayed for everyday. Who will protect them? Have you seen the statistics on children who are removed from the home? Will you be there to make sure our children do not become a statistic? Will you be there to make sure they are never on a TV show crying wanting to know why? You should be, you should be accountable for the lives of every child you remove, maybe if that was the case then foster care could work, if you knew you were responsible for the lives of these children.



What about Dulce mom and her aunt, The Aunt? Dulce Aunt  has lost her entire family including her own sister and no one will tell her where she is, is she even alive? Put yourself in her shoes, yes she is illegal here but she came looking for the American Dream that is plastered all over the news and she gets here, she is now living an American Nightmare, her entire family stolen, kidnapped, without a trace they are gone from her life. Do you have a sister? Nieces? How would you feel? Try for one moment to have some empathy, think what she is going through.
And Dulce mom, not only is she mentally ill but now everything and everyone she knows is gone, she is alone surrounded by people that only want one thing from her, to steal her children and give them to a legal American family. When she has an attorney who speaks no Spanish and has to ask Robin Jensen’s (the women who is removing her children) permission to allow a conference with a Hispanic attorney something is really wrong, when a judge says Dulce mom is mentally incompetent to testify for me but in the next breath says she is competent enough to give up her parental rights something is really wrong, Look at the court transcripts if you don’t believe me, this really happened and then when we protest and ask for a transcript the court reporter is yelled at to turn off the machine and leave so there is no record, but I was there as were my attorneys.

So really who have you protected here? DCF that needs an overhaul? Robin Jensen? The family that wants to adopt a child so much that you would break up three families? Who? and Why.
You could have stopped this and you can still make a difference. It is hard to do the right thing, I know. But you still fight. Is your personal comfort,  worth the lives of two innocent children and their families?












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  • Karl

    Robin Jensen how do you live with yourself?

  • Katrina

    Waking up early, Singing all the way home “LaLaLa” you asking “what you doing” 100 times in a row, hiding in the closet so you could not find me, running around the house playing “monsters”, singing all your songs, taking you to the park, and sneaking in mom and dads room in the mornings, Me you & Yaya being best friends,, watching Dora ALL THE TIME, fightign voer mommy and daddy, singing “Ti-Ti loves you” over and over again…Baby girl sissy misses and loves you more then you know.. Sorry If I ever hurt your feelings, and for not spending enough time with you..thank you for making my life better and completing it.. thank you for all the memories and bringing our family even closer… I hope you know that I love you baby…and for the rest of my life will miss you Love, your big sissy Ti-Ti.

    • Randy

      We miss watching Dora. I did not think I would every say that.We miss you Dulce so much. I fight for you every day Dulce and Leslie.

      Thank you Katrina for your comments.


  • Carol S

    I saw this first hand and I am still astonished that DCF would take this little girl from her family that she has know for the most part of her life! Their world revolved around her….! Last Christmas time I stopped by their home and everyone was watching Dora The Explorer and all singing along the words to each and every song! Then Daddy was reading books to her (same ones over and over again) at her request! There were so many times that Randy brought her into my office on his hip as she watched Daddy sign papers with the common interuption of Dulce saying her colors with the pack of M&Ms in his hand! She never wanted to leave his side! Something is very wrong with this situation and hopefully with this site the community may be able to take back the process of what is right and wrong for the best interest of the family -and not for the dollar signs! Randy, I hope that you are able to put your family back together real soon! My hopes and prayers are with you always.

    • Randy


      Thank you for being supportive and understanding.Thank you for your prayers; We are working hard to put our family back together.

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