Being a Friend of Governor Scott’s is a profitable position.


Okay maybe I am the only one seeing a pattern here from our Governor Tricky Scott, how can he run the State of FL when he always pleads the 5th or when he knows nothing about the people in his life? I mean really you know a guy  for 20 years, sell him your company, and then are “shocked” to find out the law firm you hired for double the amount of allotted funds is your buddies law firm! What are the chanced out of the thousands of law firms you would pick that one?

And let’s not forget his cohort Pam Bondi I think we should send her a card congratulating her on selling out Florida’s best interest. I tell you when our property taxes need a mortgage of their own, when it cost a bloody fortune to get a car registered and the price of a new license? You have to be kidding. But I guess it all goes to a good cause, Making the governors friends rich–er.




You have to read this story!!
TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) — Florida has spent nearly a half-million dollars – and could spend even more – with a large, well-known law firm that has connections to both the Republican Party of Florida as well as Gov. Rick Scott.

Since August the state has paid nearly $400,000 to the law firm of Alston and Bird to defend a new state law that requires public employees to contribute 3 percent of their pay to the state pension fund.

The firm was hired at the urging of the Scott administration which asked Attorney General Pam Bondi to approve paying the firm hourly rates at $495 an hour or nearly $300 more than what is normally allowed.

The Scott administration and Bondi have defended the hiring of the firm, saying it specializes in the kind of litigation that the state is now involved in. {what there are no FL firms that could take this case?}

But the firm’s roster also includes a one-time business associate of Scott. {Suprised?}

While not working directly on the lawsuit, a senior counsel with the firm’s Washington D.C. office is Thomas Scully. Scully is also a general partner with the New York investment firm of Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe. That’s the investment firm that this June purchased Scott’s shares in Solantic, a chain of urgent care clinics the governor started back in 2001.

Scully, who once led the Federation of American Hospitals, was appointed to the board of directors of Solantic back in 2008.

Scott, the former head of the massive Columbia/HCA hospital chain, said that he has known Scully for 20 years. But he said on Tuesday that he didn’t know that Scully worked for Alston and Bird. {this makes me have a lot of faith in him running the state of FL if he did not know that his friend of 20 years was on the lawfirm that he just hired at $300 per hour over budget}

“I knew that he was with a firm in D.C. but I didn’t know the name of the firm,” Scott told The Associated Press. {right}

Alston and Bird was first hired by the state back in early August after the Florida Education Association, other public employee unions and several individual workers asked a court to strike down the law that requires public employees to start contributing to the Florida Retirement System

Bondi’s office – which is responsible for defending the state in lawsuits – signed off on a request from the Scott administration to hire the firm and to pay it more than normal hourly rates.

“We thought they were best,” said Bondi when asked about it.

But State Sen. Nan Rich, D-Weston, sharply criticized the hiring and questioned why the state couldn’t at least hire a law firm that has offices located in the state.

“Did we have go all the way to D.C. to hire attorneys who get paid at more than twice the normal pay?” Rich said.

The contract between the state and the law firm caps the total compensation at $500,000. So far the state has paid out $391,000, a spokesman for the Department of Management Services said.

But Jason Dimitris, general counsel for the agency, said the state is likely to offer Alston and Bird a second contract since the first one only covered the trial at the circuit court level.

AP: Fla. hired law firm with ties to Gov. Scott

Associated Press


It seems to be an epedemic in the state of Florida all the way from the Governors office to the attorney generals office, local law enforcement, Judges, state attorneys, and social services, when you see the “boss” doing as he pleases with no accountability as your example………

(I have had many issues myself with people in this list, like Judge James Parker, DCF Attorney Robin Jensen, Social workers like Lisa Voigt and more. Until we legally clean up our government from the top down there will never be any worth while changes)




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  • Katherine

    I love this blog! Good work. Keep it up. Blessings to you!

  • Katherine

    As the movement to end government family protection fraud and child confiscation programs gains momentum across this country, we see more of the rhetoric proliferated that supports social service agencies. Thus the short docu-drama ‘Overruled’ counteracts to inform, and steer our world from more grievous disaster for the nuclear family. It is a MYTH that Social Services (SS), places children with extended family. Foster and adoption markets have been cultivated, nurtured and protected for many decades, by government.

    OVERRULED – A shocking movie! ,

    COMMON TACTICS of government child confiscation programs use poverty, domestic violence, divorce, disability, brain injury, the necessity of medical supports, indeterminate medical conditions, autism, obesity, to name a few, under the guise of an intervention issue. NOT ONLY DOES SS ACT UPON THESE CONDITIONS, WHETHER THE CHILD OR THE PARENT HAS THEM, THEY WILLFULLY PERVERSELY DISTORT THEM AS A MEANS TO ACQUIRE THE INTENDED COMMODITY~ CHILDREN. Over 90% of the 500,000 children legally kidnapped annually by the government child confiscation programs need never be removed~ these are considered conservative estimates… everyone is chasing those federal dollars, funneling money into the supportive arms of SS activities (Kids For Cash an obvious example). Government child confiscation programs ARE privatizing and this is a means to funnel more money into the long arms of corrupt SS processes.

    Faces of Family Court, Judicial Corruption Victims,

    Mandated reporters are aggressively naive at best, under the watchful eyes of their colleagues, with laws that force their hand. The indoctrination of many professions who touch child protection fraud industries cannot see their own academized indoctrination belief systems for what they are. Other mandated reporters are ill intentioned, and join the ranks of the overly consumed by pedophile demographics in child services everywhere. These criminally intentioned reporters find lucrative means to obtain their victims through already corrupted CPS/DHS/HHS/CAS/SS processes, and will soon see greater streams of children brought to their doorstep after the unintended consequences of Penn State disgraces effectuate laws across this nation.

    The CPS abuse hotlines are used for revenue streams of children~ many families know this, abuse this, calling in lies to CPS agencies when angry at a family member. SS investigations then set out to prove these lies, and take the lies into their corrupt theatrical judiciaries using the lowest judicial standard of evidence. A diligent, prudent, or reasonable investigation from CPS is sorely absent~ that the masses do not know this, and trust the system, needs to be understood. Family judicial processes are fraught with deception for the falsely accused. Falsely accused parents spend generations of family assets to regain custody of their offspring, but individual cases cannot prevail against an already highly efficient SS judiciary- their model has been studied, refined, and replicated around the world.

    In hearings across this nation Senators have been given statistical confirmation of trends where switching case workers/agents is up 21% in private case management and 35% in state case management, in addition to other disturbing trends. Reference:

    From this news article, “If the people working directly with the kids – the boots on the ground –
    are shifting too much .. it is not going to work.”

    Shifting agents in cases DURING CRITICAL MOMENTS has been vital to the outcome in many cases. FREQUENTLY shifting agents in cases has also been vital to the outcome in many cases. This strategic maneuver by SS management has been used for decades. This news article has drawn clear evidence that the documentation of shifting agents in cases has nearly doubled since 2008. That this article and these Senators appear unconcerned to this management style, is no accident. It is a popular delegation style in our legislators of today, to search for solutions without acknowledging the breadth of the problem.

    Let us continue with assessment of this news article…

    The trend of frequently shifting agents in cases is met with:
    1) Missing specific information in foster family placement, info such as drug and alcohol use in those foster families;
    2) It used to be that the information given to fosters about the children they were receiving was full of lies; now, what they’re doing is “telling you that this child has no behaviors”. I presume you cannot sue an agency for lying if they are not providing ANY information whatsoever. Clever maneuver.
    3) The most disturbing is that all of these trends can now be seen in the new private sector case management under contract by Social Services. Privatizing is an extension of corruption, and not correcting an already-overwhelmed-with-corruption government agency.

    This news article would have you believe that progress is being met, or even sought, simply by the fact that Senators are reviewing the 2008 implemented child welfare reform. But these are dances around the fire entertainment, an illusion well worth remembering.

    It is appalling that our culture sees a justifiable reason to take a child from their birth parents because fosters are available. Career fosters often divorce and remarry, why isn’t a birth parent given this opportunity? Our society has been cultivated and nurtured by government to accept the rights of fosters and adopters OVER birth parents, and this faulty reasoning is well engrained today, so much so that the masses rarely acknowledge problems with foster milling. Foster milling can often be found with close ties to forced psychological therapies upon these children and their nuclear families.

    How did we get there?

    Well, how much does government pay? To fosters? Adopters? And all the supportive staff to make adoption flourish, ie. a) state employees, b) collateral professionals, such as lawyers, court personnel, court investigators, evaluators, guardians, and their corrupted judges, and c) SS contracted vendors such as counselors, therapists, more “evaluators”, junk psychologists, residential facilities, contracted case management, and on and on and on…

    How well does it pay? Are their pensions sufficient? Does the state or its agents know or care that nuclear parents spend generations of family assets trying to regain custody of their offspring, and still cannot prevail against a polished corrupt SS judiciary?

    When the statistics of prevailing parties in SS cases is revealed, how does the public judge the overall success, and therefore judgment, of Social Services? How can the SS system be wrong when their statistics prove them the victor in case after case?

    How well do we understand the power of indoctrination thru the use of steady income? Once a person becomes party to work that pays them well, their own internal defense mechanisms will tell them they are doing well, as in good, and that is how beliefs of one’s activities are self defined as GOOD. It baffles many falsely accused parents how child confiscation industries continue to justify their actions. It will bewilder history as to how it continued, even more.
    Senator Nancy Schaefer addressed the DC Senate on the COMPLETE corruption of CPS, her and her husband were subsequently murdered.

    1 of 2 – Child Protective Services Predators and Corruption – Senator Nancy Schaefer,

    Beverly Tran, a legalese mind who represents the movement before Congress to end CPS corruption, explains the Title IV funding corruption by SS in terms everyone can understand, courtesy of collaboration with Legally Kidnapped.

    The Anatomy of Child Welfare Fraud: Part 1 – Targeted Case Management ,

  • Glen Gibellina

    WLYB…Scott’s financial conflict: unethical, legal, like anyone else we know, must be related.

    Gov. Rick Scott has a clear conflict of interest between his public job and his private finances. The controversial policies he is pursuing as governor clearly would benefit the health care company he co-founded and increase the value of his family’s investment. Such a blatant example of a public official pushing changes that would financially benefit himself is banned by the federal government and most other states, but in Florida anything goes.

    It is no secret that Scott co-founded Solantic Corp., a chain of urgent care centers, and that he estimated the value of his holdings in the company at $62 million. His feeble attempt to avoid a conflict of interest by placing his Solantic shares in a revocable trust in his wife’s name before taking office in January also has been publicly noted. What has become clearer during the legislative session is just how much Solantic — and Scott’s family — could benefit from the policy changes he so strongly advocates.

    The governor and the Legislature are expected to force millions of Medicaid patients into managed care organizations, and Solantic contracts with private Medicaid plans. Scott also wants the Legislature to force all adults on welfare to submit to drug tests, and he has ordered.

    The governor and the Legislature are expected to force millions of Medicaid patients into managed care organizations, and Solantic contracts with private Medicaid plans. Scott also wants the Legislature to force all adults on welfare to submit to drug tests, and he has ordered constitutionally suspect random drug tests for state employees. Solantic performs these drug tests, although a company official told the Times’ Kris Hundley that the company would not bid on testing state workers as long as Scott’s shares are in the trust. That concession pales compared to what the company stands to gain from its co-founder moving into the Governor’s Mansion.

    The impact of Scott’s general hostility to publicly provided medical treatment is even more difficult to measure. He wants to cut money to county public health departments, which could drive patients to Solantic for physicals and immunizations. He has appointed a commission to review the viability of public hospitals, and diminishing the role of those hospitals or forcing them to become private could push patients — at least those who have insurance or can pay the bills — to Solantic. The public has no choice but to trust the governor and Solantic more blindly than Scott is handling his finances.

    Scott recognized the potential conflict before he was sworn into office, but there were cleaner ways to address it than placing his stock in his wife’s revocable trust, where it can be withdrawn at any time. He could have sold his stock. He could have sought a formal advisory opinion from the state Ethics Commission instead of informally asking the commission’s staff about precedent. He could have created a blind trust controlled by someone other than a family member. Instead, Scott resorted to a gimmick that fools no one.
    Alex Sink, who lost to Scott in the general election, placed $10 million in personal assets into a blind trust managed by personal friends after she was elected chief financial officer in 2006. While imperfect, that was a far better approach. Scott would not have been left to his own devices if the Legislature had approved the necessary reforms. Legislation (SB 86) sponsored by Sen. Mike Fasano, R-New Port Richey, would require the governor, lieutenant governor, CFO, attorney general and agriculture commissioner to place their assets into blind trusts managed by nonrelatives where the beneficiary could not control the assets. Politicians would disclose what assets were placed in the blind trusts at inception, but the trusts’ holdings would be shielded after that and the politician would report trust income on state financial disclosure forms.

    Of course, the Legislature has failed to passed those reforms in previous years. Now Florida suffers the consequences with a governor whose public policy and private finances are intertwined — and the scandal is that it is perfectly legal.

    Are you sure he is not related to Mitt?

  • Hottest News: We work for major news companies but our boss is preventing us from publishing this information on Tv. They are high ranking luciferians from the devil worshipers cult illuminati also known as the Bilderberg Group. This is their coverup: There is an ongoing civil war in America. The illuminati have killed Aaron Swartz and more than 38,000 Americans in 2010. Their deaths are disguised as suicides. Many Americans are awake now, Americans are buying guns hunting to kill all children of members of the illuminati living in multi-million dollar homes all over America to end their evil legacy. KKK members are illuminati in disguised. People listed in the forbes billionaire list are high ranking members of the illuminati. The Bilderberg Group have alot of their children here in America living in multi-million dollar homes. Tell all your friends, it’s time to KILL them all to save humanity.

  • WLYB…..
    Florida Governor Ric Scott…Follow the Money, the Ex’s and the Florida Bar.
    In a moment not only was the alimony bill bill (SB 718) veto but the destruction of shared parental rights swept away as well. A group of 20 or so ex-wives protested in his office the day it was to be signed. Scott caved to this bullies and our children will pay for it for years to come. This bill would retroactively change the course of alimony, as it should but more importantly it would of put parents on a 50/50 shared parenting with their children. Now it destroys any chance of parents receiving 50/50 custody prior to 2008 divorce. Who suffers……..our children.
    Who benefits, the Florida Bar. The Florida Family division (only 3500) lobbied against the bill. Scott said he blocked the bill because they would have been disruptive for families. No, Scott the DESTRUCTION of families is closer to the truth. Scott needs to be removed from office and the Florida Bar dissolved. The Florida Bar is the third largest such bar association in the United States.
    When money comes before our children we are on a path to destruction in family values.
    As always………FOLLOW THE MONEY
    Glen Gibellina

  • Pragmatist

    Listening to Nan Rich get outraged over attorney’s fees is comical. Her largest contributors are ambulance chasers. They love Nan Rich No tort reform no caps no nothing to infringe on the profits attorney’s can suck dry. Yet In Jacsonville recently she made a tearful speech on the Newtown anniversary in which she planned to implement Connecticut’s Gun bans. The most restrictive in the country. But the icing on the cake is she wants to fund a sub LE agency to put boots on the ground to implement the confiscation of those who do not “comply” with the proposed gun grab. Attorney’s fees?? That argument will look like a cheap cartoon if this Broad gets into the Governors office.

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