Background Checks More Government Intrusion


Regarding the defeat of the Manchin-Toomey amendment on background checks:

Policies with the best intentions based on current affairs do not work for “we the people” in the long run in reference to our Constitution and the intent of our forefathers.

Why do U.S. citizens have to do more work for a government that can’t get anything done anyway? If I want to sell my firearm to my neighbor or a private citizen, the government wants me to do a background check for the government. No!

Want to send a message about gun laws? Crimes committed with guns?

If you kill someone during a crime with a gun, death within seven days.

If a rape or malicious wounding is committed with the use of a firearm, death within seven days.

You want tougher gun laws, then institute tougher, swifter penalties for the criminals. More government intrusion is not the answer.

Why stop there while we are at it? If I want to sell my used car, I guess I should do a background check on the buyer for DUI’s, driving without insurance and other tickets, for the safety of others. Thirty-one percent of all traffic deaths were under the influence. Firearm homicides 3.7 per 100,000.

The government has burdened the American people enough with laws that don’t work and are useless against criminals — who will get around them, they always have and always will regardless of the government’s best intentions.

Just how would this stop a convicted felon from selling his firearm to another convicted felon? It won’t, because it’s done everyday.

The government should clean its own house before intruding into ours. Fast and Furious is a prime example on background checks. Just ask the family of the murdered US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. When will government intrusion into our daily lives stop?

Glen Gibellina

Bradenton Florida


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