Another Lying Cps Casworker Costs The State Of California Millions.

An Orange County Ca. judge finds CPS caseworker guilty of lies that destroyed another American family. The family was awarded 5 million dollars in damages. The daughter has now filled suit against dcfs for depriving her a relationship with her mother. This type of fine may someday curtail the lies & character assassination of parents, which are use standardly by DCFS in the process of pursuing the huge federal subsidies they receive for services & adoptions of “highly adoptable” children unnecessarily removed from slightly imperfect parents. It simply won’t be profitable anymore to make things look worse than they are or to intentionally twist things out of context in order to maintain their case load or better yet, the BIG bonus for adopting a child out to a non-relative. A well adjusted child which would come from a loving home is far more adoptable than a child with the psychological scars of a neglectful or abusive home. Therefore parents who are going through a divorce become prime targets for caseworkers looking to get an adoption under their belt. Subsequently less time is devoted to children’s who’s profiles make them less adoptable yet are indeed the ones who need help the most. DCFS has completely lost sight of the ball and needs this type of discipline badly.

Too bad that there are not more judges willing to look beyond the DCF rhetoric and protect families, I believe there are a few judges who should take note, for example Judge James Parker, Arcadia Florida, Desoto County and caseworkers like Lisa Voigt, Venice Florida and Brena Slater should be educated on the effects of destroying families, and finally no lawyer, such as Robin K Jensen, Sarasota Florida

should ever be allowed to have a deciding hand in placement of a child, if attorneys stuck to law then maybe they would be able to better represent the truth.


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  • Nicole Ray

    I have been fighting for my Daughters for 4 years now in the Sacramento family court I was told to sign a document and I would get my children back by my own attorney and I did not get my children back. I fired that Attorney and got another one and he told me sign a Document and I would get my children back. I did and I never got my children back. They mislead me into signing Documents for my ex, that just gave him the family business and Home, and left me with just a car. I lost my children and everything.The laws in my case where violated by not only the Attorney’s but the Judge’s on the case and I have the evidence showing payoffs, as well. 8 months ago my fiance and I had a baby boy. The court violated siblings law so he can visit with his sisters my fiance studies law and can show every law violated by the court. My daughters were 6 1/2, 10 and 12 years, when they were taken from me and now they are 15 1/2, 13 and 10 years. Due to Darren my ex and his Attorney James Rouse, and the Family Court judges, and Janelle Burrill lying about me in my case, I can only Visit my children 20 minutes a child and I have to see them seperately and no phone calls. I can only see my daughters toge them on Christmas, for one hour together. because they claim I am Anorexic and crazy. I have proven these claims to be lie’s. My 8 month old son was born at almost 9 pounds. If I had an eating disorder he would not have been born so and healthy and I have other evaluations that show I am not crazy.

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