Amy Clark Sarasota Guardian Ad Litem and Robin Jensen Sarasota DCF should be charged with FALSE IMPRISONMENT AND KIDNAPPING

They celebrate my family cries from lies by these two.THE LITTLE KNOWN “DIRTY TRICKS” OF DCFS/CPS/DSS THAT ARE HIDDEN FROM VIEW

(Resource…Gregory A. Hession, attorney and Creator of

Web Site Mass Outrage)


You will not find this “DIRTY TRICK” section in any DCFS/CPS/DSS manual, but it ought to be. These tricks are well known by all DCFS/CPS/DSS agents and they use them and pass them on as oral tradition. Forget the law and regulations. They do! Their tactics are questionable and they have all the power. They don’t fear the law and DCFS has everyone, even the judges and lawyers, scared of that power. DCFS/CPS/DSS doesn’t seem to know the difference between “actual abuse” and “minor harm.”

Amy Clark Sarasota Guardian Ad Litem  and Robin Jensen  Sarasota DCF should be charged with FALSE IMPRISONMENT AND KIDNAPPING.   Florida Statutes Chapter 787  Dulce was taken on lies and fraud. 
Pam Hindman Sarasota Guardian Ad Litem,Brena Slater Sarasota DCF have covered up their crimes and should be charged for conspiracy. The four of them know all about Dirty tricks.

Innocent families have been torn apart for years over false allegations through the Department of Children & Families.

 We need to put an end to the harassment & discrimination by DCF. DCF has been acting out Illegally for years!! Children everyday are being abducted and put into foster homes Children are being abused, neglected & even murdered in state care foster homes.

These criminals need to be stopped. They are violating our civil, constitutional & parental rights!!

 Foster care is suppose to Help Children in need & instead they are kidnapping our children & making a profit off of them. They have destroyed the lives of many families, especially their Children! These families struggle everyday trying to fix what has been broken. Most never do.

 We need to stop people like Robin Jensen, Amy Clark, Brena Slater, Pam Hindman and other corrupt social workers, judges and willfully ignorant government officials. Aka Governor Rick Scott.

Please sign this petition

I signed the petition “Florida Department Of Children And Families (DCF) Power Abuse”. I’m asking you to sign this petition to help us reach our goal of 1,000 signatures. I care deeply about this cause, and I hope you will support our efforts.
Please go to this site, sign the petition past it on.. Department of children and families abuse of power. 
Thank You

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  • Klinoff

    Someone help us please our Aunt Vera Carpovich was taken by Patricia Johnson. We talk each week and thought things were fine. We recieved documents on a Friday and called begging theem to leave her till the next day ..we are on our way ..we will hire a nurse Pat tossed her into a home ,changed the locks took over all her accounts .She will not let us take her out for coffe or talk to medical Drs.
    Thety have lied for 5 days now saying she is waiting for blood results.
    Vera eats,dresses,cares for her self in the bathroom and begs them to release her to her nephew.
    Andy has power of attorny,jointly owns the propertys,all accounts have been swindled from her.She does need help in her life now but she planned for that and know that this money hungry women has her she will not let go.
    Vera went to Vassar and her husband and she served the USA in many important ways she is stripped of all her rights and wishes ..sitting in a nursing home ..we wait with her each day.Can not one strong person or organization call us and help save her.
    I have seven children and they all wait for Vera to get home!!
    This is bigger than me ..I have been able to help many in my life ..I can not help her without YOUR help.
    We have contacted the courts ,senators,gaurdian fraud hotlines ,the courts,we want to get a srong lawyer to end this.9789304213 or 9789303994.You can share or call us then maybe someone can help.
    Imagine this ..Mary

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