How do you react when Social Services, the likes of JULIE RIGGINS, SAUNDRA JUDD, NIKKIE LYONS, JOHN GUSTAVSON, BACCUHUS CARVER, or whatever their name(s) take your children or threaten to take your children? And how do you react when the so-called Family Court System with all its power and corruption, the likes of JUDGE LORI CHRISTIAN, JUDGE MONICA BOUSMAN, ATTORNEY SUSAN VICK, ATTORNEY AL SINGER, ATTORNEY MELLONEE KENNEDY, ATTORNEY RICK CROUTHARMEL, ATTORNEY STEVE COMBS, and/or whomever, continue to perpetrate the same, as they continue to dig their heels in, maintaining the proliferation of such a corrupt, evil empire?  Of course you are angry, you react in an aggressive manner because you are viciously defending your family! So what is the first thing these evil-doers write down about you in their case notes and court reports? And what is PARROTED by the KANGAROO COURT JUDGES during each and every hearing?  Of course they write down that you are an aggressive, dangerous and unpredictable character, using words like “tense” and “contentious,” even “Narcissistic” in their COURT ORDERS.  Of course, we are all human, and as much as we try our best to act in a controlled and calm manner in normal everyday situations, once backed into a corner, we will revert to our natural instincts in order to fight out way to freedom.  Is that not what occurred in the mid to late 1700′s during the Revolutionary war when we mounted our fight against TYRANNY?

If it ever happens to you, and they come for your children, make sure that you heed this advice… shout, cry, beg, plead, grieve as loudly and as passionately as you possibly can and make sure that everyone within a two-mile radius of you can hear everything that goes on. Do not under any circumstances make it easy for anyone to take your child. To make it easy for these government officials to take your child, is to say, “what you are doing is ok, following orders is necessary, you’re only doing your job,” etc.  Make sure that the people who are taking your child immediately regret their decision, and wish they had not been so hasty.  Make sure that they have nightmares for the rest of their life about the moment they took your child.  Make sure they feel your pain, even if it is just for one second, or even a millisecond.  Let them feel how they are making others feel.  The regime has gotten out of control.  We need to change this urgently.  Eliminate it!  The machine does not work.  It is broken.  And together we need to fix it.  Cut out this cancer.  Together we must all unite and stand strong together in order to defeat the evil which has infiltrated the so-called child “protection” system.  The sad fact of the matter is, that if you are quiet, polite, nice and pose absolutely no threat to the Social Services, then why would they waste their money and time giving you your children back?  They wouldn’t.  If you choose to roll over and accept your fate, without applying extensive pressure on the state who took your children, then you are surely destined to lose your children forever.  You MUST begin with a starting point that you will never, ever, so long as you shall live accept your child being stolen from you by anyone, be they an individual or a governing body, it doesn’t make a difference as far as I’m concerned.  A child stealer is a child stealer is a child stealer. Call them Social Workers, Guardian ad Litem, Judges, Attorneys, Pretenders or whatever nice name you like, a kiddy snatcher is a kiddy snatcher, plain and simple.  And before anyone starts, yes perhaps some people should have their children removed for the immediate safety of the child, if the child is being hurt or abused, then of course society is duty bound to act and protect the child in question.  I am not referring to this kind of black and white case and I still do not advocate a system that simply ordains the like of social services to decide the fate of such precious cargo (our children).  What about our Law Enforcement officials (aka “adult protective services”)?  I am talking about the vast majority of cases where children are targeted by Social Workers using sweeping generalisations, the usual lies, the usual word play crap… “We believe Mrs X is incapable of bringing up her child because… disability, risk of emotional harm, risk of physical neglect, blah blah blah blah blah.” In truth, no government really cares about our children.  We as human beings and members of our local community, should care about each and every child within our community enough to protect our children from the County, State, or any other extension of government interference, from these tyrants, from this evil.  We need to take action and we need to take it now.  Enough is enough!  No more!

Throughout this blog-post you can see simple pictures of our precious children.  There are thousands more where these come from.  They are gifts from God.  Not gifts to the government or society, but rather gifts entrusted to my wife and myself as life-long treasures never to abandoned, never to be forsaken by either of us.  We will never stop coming for them.  We will continue to DEMAND their return to our custody.  We will never stop coming at these tyrants.  We are coming with all the power and authority of the United States Constitution.  We will see Change!  We will see these Walls of Secrecy torn down!  We the People WILL take back what is ours!  We believe Parents have the inherent right to raise their own Children free of Government interference and We believe the United States Supreme Court has upheld such rights.  GIVE US BACK OUR KIDS!


We are a group of FAMILY advocates for Child Welfare Reform in Wake County (Raleigh, North Carolina); we also support national reform throughout the United States of America. We are absolutely opposed to any government agency taking control of our children. We believe the United States Constitution has inherent protections against any person or agency abducting our children and we believe the United States Supreme Court has upheld such protections.


  • Fred

    A very one-sided article. It sounds as if it might have been written by someone found to have abused or neglected a child or children in their care, perhaps to attempt to demonstrate to others that they were innocent of those things and were themselves “victimized” by the “system”. The court system sets minimal barriers for reunification after a child is removed from the home, and many are returned. Others are not, though, when the parent/caregiver is unwilling or unable to take the necessary steps – even after extensive time has been given them – to ensure that the child(ren) would return to a safe environment.

    • randy

      Fred if you heard the side of the social worker it would be all lies. People that are guilty of abuse hide and run away, parents that fight for their children 90% of time are not guilty of any crimes that CPS has accused them of. You must be a social worker.

    • Angela

      right Fred, this person is just upset because he did something wrong and all these people caught him. MY FOOT I have been there I was the non offending parent and they wanted to adopt my child out to strangers rather than reunite the child with her non offending mother. THEY are thieves of children and you do not know a thing about the reality of these situations. Unless you are one of them as stated from Randy!
      I could tell you stories that would make your heart drop to your feet but people like you live in a bobble and think that the law abides by the law!!! lol sure they do! you keep thinking that! Unless you have been in a situation like this you should keep your comments to something you know something about!

    • Yup Fred, in an ideal world, that’s exactly how it’d be – sadly, this world is FAR from ideal, and such abuses happen on a regular basis in many supposedly forward-thinking nations.

    • abbi

      freddie boy the court systems is the one side thing here. there no transparency. The parents don’t stand a chance. They gotta fight with all the money and then some against a richly funded system. Take in account that they get extra money for every kid they take out. We don’t now if there was abuse or not, they workers can just say there was or trump up a simple mess into a hardcore neglect.

      There can be no witness, no due process, kids can even be denied casa. Parents are guilty until proven innocent which because of no transparency, is not often enough. There’s no accountability. Our first line of defense is full knowledge of the law and having a social worker that is more interested in helping the kid and the family then making a quota. If we don’t have even one of those its gonna be an uphill battle.

    • DL/C MM

      Fred: You are a fool! Read Abbi’s and Angela’s comment again CPS and CAS and child protection ALL OVER THE WORLD is out of control and they are running , virtually a ring and the details of this ring is too horrendous to post


    • Dawn E. Worswick

      @Fred That’s why I was stolen and raped for four years huh? By who? CPS criminals!!!!! We know the truth and the tide is changing….. criminals will be outed and convicted.

  • Fred, you have obviously never been a parent with their child in the grips of CPS/Family Court. You must be a social worker. We really don’t need to hear more of the same stuff we’ve dealt with. You really should retract your comment. Geez! It’s all about money and CPS workers looking “good” and heaven help the parent who pisses off the caseworker. Take it back Fred. Take it back.

  • Fred, do please kindly disclose if you are indeed a social worker within the CPS system. I’m afraid your opinion on this matter is also very one-sided, in the majority of cases, the children are not returned to their parents, even when the parents are found innocent of any wrong-doing.

  • beth

    As a former foster parent having FALSE allegations made against me and having to prove my innocence in Kangaroo Court only to have the findings Ruled Out after two years of DSS dragging it out. I know children are removed from homes without probable cause without warrants without investigations without reason. The foster care system has turned into a lucrative business for these agencies and these agencies target families who do not have the resources to fight back or the knowledge of their rights in this type of situation. It is sad that now the agencies are targeting foster parents who speak out on behalf of these children. These agencies have no accountability for their actions. But this will change on suit at a time………

  • Rick

    I was reading what this guy Fred is saying and it is obvious, he is “one of them” and has NEVER been on the other side, fighting those evil characters.I was a victim of them all DCF—Guardian Ad Litem– dishonest attorneys–False allegations, a common tool used by the system to bury alive a caring and loving father, therapists and seven different attorneys.I spend a small fortune, trying to save my daughter from the claws of a very unfair system and the ex. I fought the legal and mental health communities for over 12 years and at the end, the wicked and evil mother, with the full support of the equally bias and unscrupulous Family Court, I lost my beloved child, my precious princess, my angel.People like this guy, should stay away from this forum, he has no idea what he is talking about.

  • Ashley R

    I agree with Randy. I have NEVER hurt my children or neglected them. My husband broke my 6 month old daughters leg while he was caring for our two daughters and they were taken. So CPS getting involved I never disagreed with. But to take MY younger two children that I had years later, and are not even his because of something HE did is WRONG. Where is the justice when a man can hurt his baby and then get to live with said child? While the mother who took said baby to the hospital because she knew something was wrong but didnt know what, has to lose all of her children. Its not fair to the children. My daughters have not seen their one brother in over a year, didnt even get to say goodbye to him. He will be 2 years old this week, and they have never met their baby brother. You social workers say you are looking after the best interests of the child, I dont think so, you have hurt more children emotionally and mentally then you will admit, and then say to those children that when they become parents that they cant parent because they were in the system. Well that should tell you something dont ya think? If a child raised in the system had a proper upbringing then there should not be a problem. Obviously they dont, they get abused in more ways then I would like to think. Yet mommy and daddy (whatever the case may be) is sitting at home with their heart breaking because they get told by some society that they are not good enough to raise their own flesh and blood. When did it become acceptable to sell children? Thought there was a law against that…

  • betty moo

    what I find people are having their children taken for nothing and social services are not helping supporting the family,s at home, why put them in care when with a little help from social services they could stay at home, most of the family,s in the uk have done no wrong, social worker,s just dont listen and think they know it all,

  • Sue

    Fred-in Tennessee, there us NO REUNIFICATION. There is no money in reunification and therefore absolutely NO REUNIFICATION. Once your children are gone – they are alienated, gone, and filled with hatred!

    • Asha

      Yes. my precious daughter is filled with so much anger. I did make a huge friggin scene on the street when two police and two dhs workers came and dragged my babies away. I was assaulted by one of those policemen out the front of my house. It was proven within days that the concerns I had raised about the dhs worker who MOLLESTED my children were correct. dhs never apologise. in their eyes they can do no wrong, and heaven help the mother/father/child who dares to contradict them. they have told outright and even obvious lies about my children and i and this friggin hell has only got worse when I sought help – from the prime minister, the minster for children, the media etc; it all went straight back to dhs and my children and I were punished yet again. the last time I saw my precious youngest child he so craved my attention that he growled when I moved away from him to speak to his sibling! and we only had one f-ing hour!!

  • betty moo

    they are taking the wrong children and then the familys who have bad probs are left at home, wake up and listen to what,s really going on x

  • betty moo

    social worker,s go by the book and don,t listen when we said we done no wrong to our children then we have the baby P case and that poor child could have been saved if the social worker did her job right instead that poor child is dead, also the Victoria climie case the same no one bothered to see if that wee girl was okay, so if your a social worker pleas listens to the parents and help and support them instead of taking the children in to care, you would save money that way, the bad cases should be in care,

  • I believe this is a DCFS field-supervisor. The only way dcfs got involved was a false arrest of my wife of child endangerment, would you like to see the arrest sheet and then the cour dismissal three years later? and the transcript that shows that the judge terminated our rights because 1- no car. 2-dcfs ran out the time limit. perjury,fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud upon the court, falsifying evidence and there is proof, how much more you want hear about?

    Thers quit-a-bit of information on my site that judges,DCFS/DHHS does not want the public to know, whoops, to late!

  • Josephine

    Sadly, Fred really is not rendering any objective sound advice worth anything. There are mountains of evidence and statistics that CPS and whatever it is called in all other states is staffed with inexperienced people with very little training. My 3 year old daughter exhibiting highly sexualized behavior over multiple days after coming back from spending time with her father. Clearly, I was very concerned since her father engaged in viewing teen porn, teen porn (i.e. Pop Tart was the name of one magazine I found), incest type porn magazines (i.e. Family Fun) and displayed pornographic type pictures – check out FB page “Protective Mothers are Losing Custody to Abusers” to see one of the pictures he proudly displayed on his living room wall. Well anyway, after taking my daughter to a therapist who specializes in treatment of young children, the therapist called CPS and then an investigation started. Well even though I had shared all the evidence of that would cause a normal average person concern, it was all ignored. My daughter even told her therapist that her father touched her private and the therapist concluded that “the child may have been confused.” CPS interviewed my child 2 months after the start of the investigation and asked my 3 year old if her daddy touches her private and at that time (one needs to be remind that a prudent parent would secure a order of protection as i did and my daughter hadn’t seen her father for 2 months) my daughter said, “I don’t think so” – and she was right int he present tense he wasn’t touching her private area. Did that CPS caseworker really think the response from a 3 year old 2 months later would have been any different! Then i took a spur of the moment video of my daughter talking to me about her father touching her private and saying it was a “bad touch” – I showed to CPS and they ignored it. Now my daughter lives alone with her 52 year old pedophile father and sometimes she tells me that her daddy’s private looks like a worm. She is now 5 yrs old – how would she even know what a man’s private area looks like especially since she doesn’t have any brothers. Are they waiting for him to scar my baby for life?

    • Asha

      i was told that you are not to ask any ‘leading’ questions, such as what you said CPS asked her (not that i am doubting…)

      • Josephine

        That is what they say applies to certain professionals, but the CPS worker asked my daughter that exact question. Whether or not they are suppose is not even important anymore since she is now living with the very person who sexually abused her and enjoys teen porn.

  • shanna webster

    Fred obviously has not dealt with DCF CPS dragging him through the system by false allegations or he works for the system. From how defensive Fred is of this corrupt system, I am assuming he works for the system.

  • Josephine

    The sad part about all of this is that our hard earned tax dollars pay for these incompetent people to eventually take our kids away from us.

  • I too must agree that fred is either an idiot and or has never had the displeasure of any interaction with the “system”.
    It is every bit as corrupt as everyone has stated here and more.
    It is demonic and so are it’s agents.
    It will destroy your children for profitt.
    It will destroy you if you let it.
    My advise is to sign NOTHING and move on. I did. I do not see either of my children, Derek Rossetti or Mikayla Rossetti, that hurts.
    My children now believe that I chased them with weapons , drugged and abused them, etc, etc.
    My children have now become a liability and are very dangerous. I asked the judge the last time I was in court to stop wasting my time as I would fear being in a closed room with either of what’s left of my children.
    I kept my home. I remarried. I live three miles from my children. I now have two step-children who attend school with my children, they don’t speak.
    I have now been to court 85 times. Yes that is a real number.
    My phone # is 603-393-5658.
    I will tell my story to anybody interested and supply documentation.
    If you let them have you, then you can not defend yourself.
    Save your recources, save yourself, sign NOTHING! Agree to nothing!
    Educate your children before it is too late. I have instucted my step-children that when, not if, they are contacted by anybody other than a direct family member to discuss anything other than the weather, they are to say,” I am a minor child and am not allowed to speak to you without my parents and/or family attorney present “. This is working amazingly well, however it only works when “both parents are unified”! My step-son has now advised his buddies at school to do the same. The local school administration is lost when the children respond this way. They just send them back to class. Problem solved for now.
    Remember they have no power unless you give it to them.

  • Toni

    Fred are you a social worker? Have you had your children ripped from you for not agreeing to what the Social Worker wanted and was told before hand she was prepared to take the children? Have you never been aggressive in defending what your own? Are parents not allowed to be protective? Has the CPS worker, the lawyers, the DA the judge sat in your home and watched you so they could make a GOOD assessment? No not mine either! Have you been ordered to take a Psych eval to parent? Why would a parent have to when all the officials that deal with the cases of families have to? The system is broken ! I am not saying that there are not parents that need to have their children removed but there are many more where the child is safe and well cared for, loved and secure and are ripped from that loving caring home and then once that is done family is denied visitation by these so call compassionate people that are looking out for the “BEST INTEREST” of the child words made famous by Hitler! Look around listen to the families wake up and see the truth about what is happening!

  • Steve Sjruset

    Nice try Fred. what is your real name? I am certain you work for CPS, and in-turn, have plenty of reason to use an alias. I believe you know better than what you infer in your comment.

  • Yeah Fred, you have never been in our shoes, or you’d never say what you said. Psychobabble bs is what you speak. Let he that lives in a glass house never throw stones. CPS and the workers for them and Family Law courts are crooked as a dog’s hind leg. Just shut your trap Fred. You don’t know the half of it, but with your over-inflated sense of entitlement, I hope you get your come-uppins one of these days. You’re just a real piece of work.

  • Susan

    I am one of the parents who had my child stolen… I made a simple mistake that could happen to anyone, next thing I know I was accused of everything from neglect, risk of harm, SEXUAL ABUSE ETC ETC ETC ETC… all because my child displayed ‘disturbing behaviour’… three years later it has been confirmed my child is AUTISTIC which I screamed for YEARS and was told to be ‘making excuses, red herring, passing the blame etc etc etc’… I am now in the process of fighting for the return of my child and it is looking VERY likely I will now win

    Life is not black and white, read between the lines and you will see shades of grey!!!

  • vendetta

    people whom love and care for their children our having them unfairly stolen by the state the judges our not sworn in under their oaths and do not uphold the common law of the land you will never change my mind you social workers and judges our all criminals and unlawful
    whom answer to corporate masters
    you people need prosicuting
    for child kadnapp

  • jay iviera

    fred a complete fck head who has never been in any situation like most of us, shit they gave my kids to a known phedophile with 5 other children on his reord, the children have disclosed to many proffessional agencies doctors, proffessors daycar workers yet the court system hushit up and my children r still in his care so tell me what happens when they start sexually abusing other children from school, freinds who sleep over ect, who is held liable then, maybe it will be your child or granchild fred you fck head. but i garentee it ont be the court system o the social services saying ohhh ge it was our fault, children learn what they live the courts and government agencies have become a nazi controlled group, even hitler was kinder.

  • Fred

    Actually, I am NOT a CPS worker. I have been a CASA /GAL for about thirteen years, though, working as an advocate for kids caught up in the system. I have seen many children reunited with their parents, sometimes when it appeared at the outset that this outcome might be very difficult to obtain. Parents that have worked with the court system to ameliorate the problem(s) that caused the child(ren) to enter the system do, in my experience, succeed at reunification. Unfortunately, I have also seen parents leave town and even leave the state and refuse to do anything at all to work toward reunification. I have seen them lie about quitting drugs (even after failing drug screens) and abusing alcohol (or each other), even about attempting to maintain contact with their kids throughout the process. In the cases I have worked with I have not seen any social worker attempt to keep a parent from remaining in contact – physical, written, telephonic – with their children, but I have seen parents that appear to have no interest in their kids. I sometimes wonder if some of the parents I have worked with just think that when their child(ren) enter care it is a free vacation for them – the parents – and that after a while the will be reunited in spite of having made no effort to achieve that. That is not how it works.

    I cannot speak for places where I have not worked, and I obviously do not know the circumstances of the cases that the folks on this board write in about. On the other hand, it is very likely that none of you know anything, either, about any of the cases save your own.

    When a parent loses custody, and particularly when reunification efforts are ceased by the court, my experience has been that parents often blame everyone but themselves. On my very first case I shared CASA duties with another person new to the program; we – and DSS – had a great deal of difficulty getting the parent to participate in any way in attempting to reunify the family. My partner said to me that he had a daughter, and that if she were taken from him in a similar manner and the court told him to cut off an arm in order to get her back, his response would be to ask which arm. The courts don’t do that of course, but they do set minimal requirements for the parent(s). Unfortunately, some parents do not or cannot address the problems that created the situation to the extent required to reunify the family. That is a very difficult and undesirable situation, and I believe it is also the reason that in the courtrooms I have been in the time given the parent(s) to fix things gets extended over and over in order to give them every opportunity to achieve reunification.

    On another note, I noticed that many of the responses to my initial posting were rants, plain and simply, often containing curses and vilification. In other words, people flaming. Flaming, you should understand, is just exaggerated opinion, devoid of facts. It would be much better for those who disagree with the system – or with my postings – to do so with less heat and more factual, rational comments. In “real life”, flaming does not help and does not win arguments.


  • Linda Smith

    Parents have to prove innocence which is impossible, the state has to prove nothing, get caught committing perjury, while judges turn their head and look the other way.

  • Fred, and others like him, work for Child Protective Services, and are busily trying to stop the truth from coming out. And the truth is this: CPS, aka Child Protective Services does not protect children, in fact when children need to be protected, they deliberately leave them in unsafe conditions, because they know that when a tragedy occurs, they’ll take a bit of flack, but they’ll ultimately get more money, more child abuse reports, and more power. CPS takes children from good parents and gives them to abusers and murderers; this is happening all over the world. Anyone who researches CPS for even one hour can clearly see that they are completely unaccountable, and that they have destroyed the lives of countless innocent children in the most brutal fashion.

    CPS doesn’t care about children. In fact, if you look at what CPS does to little innocent children, it wouldn’t be hard to surmise that CPS hates children. Sorry, Fred, but Shakespeare was right: The truth will out. And there’s nothing you, or any other CPS liars, can do about it.

  • kim

    I came across this site. I am fighting hard for them They broke so many laws, my constitutional rights, took away my children and handed them over to a theif.I will also show and fight for the justice of my kids voices. M. Bowman is so corrupted, along with the cps workers and justice needs to be served. A mom at work!!!!

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